DLP and more! Share your advice that I may or may not listen to

No, we did decided doing London/Liverpool on same trip was trying to fit too much in. Just sticking with Paris and possibly sone day trips nearby.

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Makes sense.
Just Paris sounds good to me :wink:


News this end: Trip to Paris, featuring two nights / three days in DLP booked for June. Attendees: me, DS (Stuart @MouseMatt_Stu) and DA (Anthony @MouseMatt_Anty).

The starting point was finding the cheapest DLP package within the date range we had. We are staying at Santa Fe for two nights and we booked two rooms. We added the luggage service and one day of Premier Access. That all came to $1,950 (including park tickets). Wow Disney is expensive. Though that is for three people. I’m marginally worried about the fact that the Hotel Cheyenne (where I stayed in 2020) beds are very hard and thin and I suspect Santa Fe is the same. Also, they don’t have aircon and it will be the summer.

Next I booked our flights. We decided on four nights in Paris after DLP. I didn’t do a whole lot of comparison shopping. I’ve used Air France before and been happy, so that’s where I went. There were good options timing-wise. We arrive at 2.15pm local time in CDG, so I am hopeful we will get some decent park time on arrival day. Price (including extra legroom upgrade): $520 total for the three of us.

Final step (at this stage) was finding accommodation in Paris. This was by far the hardest part. I figured that our best option would be an Airbnb but prices in central Paris in June are high. I actually found somewhere at a great price quite quickly, but the host messed me around (despite the listing being on the website, he said he wouldn’t confirm any bookings before May because “it’s too soon”). This was, in a sense, a good thing because I realised the location of his property was not great and I started figuring out what we needed location-wise: proximity to Metro stations on good lines (access to Gard du Nord for train to CDG, access to Nation for train from DLP, and access to the sites we want to visit).

In the end I found a highly-rated host who manages a lot of highly-rated properties and found a listing where you get two quite funky apartments in the same building for a price that was just within our budget. Having separate accommodations for me and for DA and DS is ideal, and a decent Metro station is a five minute walk away. Booked them for $1,550 total.

I don’t want to overplan (I really don’t) but I’ve been researching things like the Navigo Découverte travel card and the Paris Museum Pass. DS wanted me to book PYM Kitchen and I have also booked Chez Rémy and Walt’s.

Broadly the plan is this.

Drive to the airport on the day we fly (I usually like to stay overnight the day before, but we’re trying to keep costs down). Arrive CDG just after 2pm, take the train to DLP, drop off our luggage at the station and head straight to Parc Disneyland, with the aim of seeing the nighttime shows at a minimum. After park close head to HNY to check out all the Marvel stuff and visit the Skyline bar. Then check-in at Santa Fe.

Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours the next morning, and then work our way through our Premier Access entitlements at both parks.

On departure day focus more on shows and other entertainments (e.g. the awesome 30th anniversary stuff they’ve got going on). Leave whenever we’re done and take the train to Paris and check-in to our Airbnb and explore the immediate area.

Then three full days in Paris. My personal must-dos are the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and the Sacré Coeur.

Not quite sure how departure day will pan out. Our flight is at 4pm, but we have to get to CDG, and in good time for the flight. Plus I’m not sure what options we have for our baggage if we do want to head into the city one last time.

Anyhoo, as you can see I’ve been a busy boy. Just watched a YouTube video featuring Avengers Campus and the 30th anniversary kinetic sculptures and am already super-excited.

Comments and advice welcome!


Great! Now plan and book my trip for me! I’m overwhelmed and still hoping flights will go down in price.

What dates in June?



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Darn too late, I’ll be back home again by then.

It was the earliest I could do without taking naughty time off work.

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I want to go to Paris :open_mouth: :sob:

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I’m sad so many liners will be in Paris this year but I don’t overlap with anyone! Ok. That was a lie I’m not that sad because Paris… but still!


:sob:. I’ll miss you by four days.

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Yay!! I enjoy following your planning almost as much as your trips (almost).


Sounds like an amazing trip!!

Check opening days for Musee D’orsay. 3 times I’ve been to Paris and still haven’t made it inside.

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I’ll be in Paris end of March. I still haven’t decided whether to have DLP at beginning or end. I was thinking at the beginning because we’ll be in London the week before, so we’ll already be adjusted to the time change, and it would be a break from siteseeing. However, we arrive in Paris on Friday evening, and if weekends are significantly more crowded than weekdays, maybe we should do the end. Does anyone know if Paris sites, like the museums and such, have any hour restrictions on weekends?

When in March will you be there? I might be there with DD21 (might be in Paris, might be at DLP, also might not be anywhere but home) around 3/10-18. Are you worried about weather…will it be too cool in Paris in March? I like cool weather and not heat but I am wondering if it will be uncomfortably cold.

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We will be there March 25-April 4. I’m not too worried about the weather. It will be cool but hopefully not too bad. The prices were just too insane for us to travel over summer with 5 people. I am looking forward to lower crowd levels though since it’s still the low season there.

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Weekends are pretty open. Museums and other sites are typically closed one day a week but I haven’t seen any with weekend closures.

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What are your dates?

Well it appears DD21 and I are Paris bound in 6 weeks! :partying_face:


We’ll be in London the week before, but we arrive in Paris on March 24.