DL vs WDW this summer

My family was pretty set on going to DLR this summer (july), and then I read some posts about how SWGE will be absolutely ridiculous. I was expecting bad, but this just made me super nervous. My family is primarily going for all the toddler friendly stuff. Now I’m wondering if we should just head to WDW instead, but scared of the July temps. My family gets so sluggish in the heat, we live in Houston so I know how it goes lol. Anyone want to pick for me? What would you do?

Difficult to really know what the best choice is as actual impact of SWGE is unknown. If it was me I would tend to WDW to be on the safe side - early start, mid day break, touring in the evenings. But, my choice maybe be due to fact that I prefer WDW.

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Go to DLR, no seconds thoughts about it. SWGE will be reservation based and will likely isolate the impact. Besides, July is blackout period for pass holders so you will get to experience the best version of DLR.

DLR is more forgiving when it comes to being spontaneous. No need for 190+ day ADRs, fighting for FPP, or exploiting silly loopholes. Tired of DL? well, then just cross over to CA. Tired of the parks? just stroll back to your hotel in the time it would take for a WDW bus to arrive. Tired of Disney altogether? well, then hop over to Knott’s or any of the great area attractions.

We live within driving distance of WDW and it pains me to say that WDW is the lesser park. Everything feels like the mass-produced version of DLR. Plus no Marvel, 'nuff said.

I agree with SneakyPete. Go to DRL. There’s absolutely nothing like it.
Blackouts for APs in July is big, but you’ll still face the out of town crowds. SWGE is reservation only for now.
Reservations are easier to be had and so are FPs. I’d recommend the MaxPass. Used it for the first time last October and it was invaluable.
I lived 25 minutes from Disneyland for 45 years, and it still runs circles around WDW MK.
Just enter DL Fantasyland and you’ll understand.

I went to DLR last year in July - week of Independence Day. Weather was decent most of the trip, although we got hit with a freak heat wave the last day… 115 degrees in Anaheim! I’d still risk that again though, over the known humidity, heat, and afternoon cloud burst you’ll get in Florida.
Hoopsters is right - get that Maxpass! Worth every penny.

Either way, it’s all Disney!.. What a cool choice to have to make.
(umm, maybe a hot, sweaty choice to have to make).

I wish SWGE was still doing reservations in July, so far its until June 23 or something. I hope they extend it so that the crowds are manageable. My family does actually prefer DLR over WDW as well, its so easy to park hop and the hotels near by cant be beat!

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Crowds and weather…

Personally I think the crowd levels will be similar, especially if they maintain the reservation system for SWGE; if they go to open entrance, then the DLR crows may be a bit worse. Either way, July will be peak crowds at either resort.

I’ve been to DLR in the summer and it’s hot, but manageable. I just plain refuse to go to WDW June-September (and I live in FL). I did it once back when I was in my 20s and it wiped me out; if I tried it now at 60 it would likely end up with an ER visit. But (obviously) many people go in the summer and claim to enjoy it, so I might be in the minority.

This is all a long way of saying that if I were in your shoes, I’d keep the DLR plans…

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