DL vacation packages

Does anyone know when the 2020 vacation packages open up? On website i can only see until end of 2019. thks

I’ve already booked mine for Sept 2020. I was able to do it the second week of August.

Oh I wonder what I am doing wrong…I will try it again…I can buy the tickets but not the hotel and ticket pacKage.

Nope still only showing until end of dec…did u book on website yourself or through travel agent…thks

I did it myself through the website…

(I removed my confirmation # and personal info just for internet security)

Can you see availability now if you tried…I don’t know what I am doing wrong but it won’t let me see any 2020 dates.

I just looked here


and I could book February.

I checked multiple dates and hotels in 2020 and was able to book all of them. (at least to the point where they wanted to charge me.)

Have you tried just calling them and booking over the phone or a TA?