DL Thanksgiving 2018

The crowd levels on TP are predicted to be 9/10 that weekend of Thanksgiving Thur-Sat (2018)–but looking at last year’s actual crowds (2017), the numbers are much lower (5 and 6). Is there a reason last year was so low? And why is this year then predicted to be so high?
Thanks in advance!

That is a curious question… I don’t know the answer to it. But I was there last year on Wed-Thur and the crowds were definitely a bonus! I really can’t say anything as to why they were so low… The only thing that I know is different, last year Deluxe Passholders weren’t blocked on Thanksgiving (but were blocked for Fri-Sat possibly Sun - but don’t remember); whereas this year Deluxe Passholders are blocked starting Thanksgiving Day.

Last year was the first year SoCal passes were blocked early in the week for Thanksgiving, with Deluxe being blocked as Lolabear stated above. I think as they play with the AP calendar crowds will change.

I’m curious about this year as well! We may pop down in the morning just because.

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