DL Sneaky Early Entry Loophole closed?

Hey there - if we use our one early entry allowance for DCA on a Monday could we, in the sneakiest way possible, book an early breakfast at the Plaza the next morning as a way to score another early entry? Did this in WDW but has the loophole closed? I heard the reservation app asks you if you have a valid early entry morning which we wouldn’t having used it the day before.

Are you staying at one of the onsite hotels? If that’s the case, you should get early entry every day of your stay. Since you said one early entry, I’m wondering if you’re talking about the magic morning option instead which you get with any 3+ day ticket. That one can only be used at Disneyland on three days each week, not at DCA.
Just to try it, I booked a 7:50 reservation at the Plaza Inn on July 31st, which is during early entry on the iPhone app. It didn’t ask me to confirm that I had early entry available for that day.

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CThank you yes I meant magic morning! Ok just Disneyland! I didn’t realize that thanks so much. We are staying off site in Anaheim hotel. And we’ll try to book an early breakfast another morning. So when EM hours are listed those are for Disney resort guests and they are listed for each park for guest to chose which one they go to early. Ok got it. So we can do magic morning hour on any of the three days they are offered that we chose at Disneyland and if we are smart we don’t pick a day EM hours are available at dlr. do I have that right?

So (nearly, there are one-off exceptions like New Years Day) every morning there are Extra Magic Hours (EMH) at one of the parks. In general it’s Tues, Thur, Sat at Disneyland and Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun at DCA. When Disneyland is offering EMH for on-site hotel guests it is also open to those who qualify for Magic Morning (which is what you’ll have 1 morning of your trip). When DCA is open for EMH it is exclusive to on-site hotel guests only, no way to get in otherwise.

However, you are correct in that you can book breakfast for the other day that has Disneyland early entry & gain access to the parks. You’ll use the character dining entrance & will have to show proof your reservation (email confirmation or if you have the app, show the reservation listed on the app). Once insice, you can enjoy some rides up until your reservation time (ie if you have a reservation at 7:40 you can get in at 7am using the character dining entrance, ride some rides & just before 7:40 return to Plaza Inn for your meal).

Ok I think I got it. So we are there from Sunday through Wednesday. That means the only Magic morning we can take advantage of would be Tuesday and we will be doing that with all DL resort hotel guests who are accessing EMH at the same time. Getting a reservation as early as I can that day will give me ride time before anyone is in the park. Ok I get that. So! My question is this…can I get an early character dining experience on one
Of the days that DL does NOT have EMH/MM to get into the park early onemof the other days we are there when it appears no EMH/MM are on the DL schedule. I love being in early.

Also. Is there ANYPLACE that does breakfast in DCA that scores you early entry since we aren’t staying in one of the three hotels that allows you to access EMH (and in the weeks after labour day I’m resonantly sure we will still get out 8 in a row first thing in the am incredicoaster experience :open_mouth:)

Thank you a thousand times Disney peeps!

Ariel’s Grotto used to have Princess Breakfast, but it’s now the Pixar Lounge and I have not heard about breakfast…

No. They only have the early breakfast at the Plaza if the park is open for EMH/MM. This is very different than WDW. Same for DCA, no early breakfasts at all these days since Ariels closed.

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Thank you very much - you are right this is different from WDW where you really think you are getting away with something. Thanks so much for all of this - we will book the bayou that day for lunch since we’ll start earlier - I’ll check and see what rides are open during EMH but my group will be fine to ride Indiana Jones nine million times :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have a great trip!

Tomorrowland & Fantasyland (except for it’s a small world, Casey Jr and Storybook Land Canal Boats).

It’s a great time to hit slow-loaders that don’t have FP & lines that build like crazy like Peter Pan, Alice, Dumbo, Finding Nemo Subs, Autopia. Also could strategize to hit up headliners like Space, Star Tours or Matterhorn to save from having to get a FP later on.