DL RR Question

By the time we go to DL in March, it looks like Toontown will be totally shut down for the remodel / tear down. Does that mean the Toontown RR Station will also be gone?

I’ve never been to DL but it looks like the station basically loads from the Fantasyland side anyway, so I was wondering if it would be accessible. Thank you!

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I would think it would be still open. As you mentioned it doesn’t actually stop “in” Toon Town, but rather just outside of it.

I just looked at a few sites and none report the Toon Town RR as closed in the foreseeable future.

Thank you! Do those same sites also report Toontown being closed? That would be a good sign.

There’s constructions barriers now going into TT and the RR is still operating at that station. I would be shocked if they closed it. It would only affect it if they were expanding TT out toward FL, I think.


They don’t report Toon Town as closed, but they list all the Toon Town attractions as closed.

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I don’t have any inside knowledge, but the railroad does cross a themed bridge at the entrance to ToonTown. I wonder if they will eventually update that, and therefore have to shut down the RR temporarily later on? Hopefully not.

I just had to share :blush::heart: That station was my favorite. It was Videopolis station before becoming Toon town station. Many many a night started by arriving at that station :heart::heart::heart:


It will depend on how close they have to get to that bridge to accomplish the opened up park concept they are going for. I would think if they did need to, they would aim to do a closure in a very low season (like Jan/Feb or early Nov) to avoid taking the train out when they want crowd sucking people eaters. I feel like they won’t need to though, especially when I consider that they are (at least for now) planning to bring back entertainment to the Fantasyland Theater right there too.