DL Restaurant Reservations?

I have an upcoming DL reservation (DL Hotel and theme park tickets for 5 nights) for Thanksgiving 2017. Does anyone know whether I can make my restaurant reservations all at one time 60 days out from the first day of my stay, like at WDW? Or do I need to get online each day 60 days out?

DL has a lot less in the dining reservation department & as such there’s not nearly as much frantic grab as with WDW dining. For starters, the dining section has no way of knowing you have hotel reservations to be able to “open up” your trip window to make reservations for all your days at 60 days out from your first trip day. Secondly, not all restaurants (especially ones with dining packages) have their schedules set at 60 days, or even 45 so having anything ready before 60 days would be a rare, rare sight for DLR. Lastly, I wouldn’t completely discount it as impossible so I would suggest calling up the dining line when your 60 days opens up to talk to them. DLR recently started setting aside some preferred dining reservations for onsite hotel guests so call & use that to your full advantage!!

Thanks for the info. I was thinking of calling the DL Hotel concierge with all my choices and just having him/her set it up. That may be the easiest route.

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