DL or DCA for Halloween Party Day

We do not have park hopper tickets, so common sense would tell me to go to DL the day of the party—but am I missing something in my logic? (We are not going to the party)

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That would be my plan too.

DL was less crowded today (Sunday, and there is a party tonight in DCA) than yesterday with no party. Plus you would have to leave DCA at 6 if you go there for the day, and nighttime is the best in the parks. Also the party crowds can get in at 2 or 3, making the 2-6pm time doubly crowded. I’d choose DL.


Second what @Wahoohokie said. Unless there is a reason that you would be happy to go to DCA for the morning and leave the resort entirely in the afternoon, DL it is.

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Thank you for confirming my thoughts-much appreciated.


never been to DL, but have been to WDW a few times during Halloween party times…I always thought the best advise is to go to MK on the day of the party, because it’s ‘less busy’ because of early closing

Does the same not apply to DL ? Is DCA less busy on Halloween party days because it closes earlier ??

Basically my question is, when we go to DL during Halloween time, but don’t care about the Halloween party, and want to visit the least busy parks on particular days, what should our strategy be? We’ll probably get 4 or 5 day tickets with hoppers


The biggest difference between the world and land in reference to your question is; far more people get hoppers in the land verses the world. So the effect will occur (less people in DCA because of the party), but the effect will be tempered by the amount of people who have hoppers and will start at DCA and then hop over to DL. Since the OP stated that they do not have hoppers, the slightly lower crowds does not make it worth it to give up the 8-10 hours of additional park time (at least in my opinion).

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OK, thanks for that info.
Any other ‘rules-of-thumb’ to keep in mind for Disneyland, in order to avoid the most crowded park on specific days ?

This would be for late September…aren’t there less fireworks and shows in Sept??

Yes, most of the shows and fireworks are only Friday-Sunday once summer season is over.

The biggest secret/tip I have for DL is not to be afraid of crowds. I am not suggesting that you seek out CL 10 days, but CL 6,7,and even 8 can be your friend. When attending a CL 1, 2, or 3, the park is usually not optimally staffed, not a lot of entertainment, and wait times can be longer than expected. I personally feel like the park runs better with moderate CLs. This past summer was kind of an anomaly, in that, they were staffed for moderate to high crowds, but the actual CLs were fairly low.

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