DL area Pirate Show Dinner


My daughter's get to dance at DL next Feb and we heard today that they may do the Pirate's Show Dinner near DLR together as a group one evening. The reviews online look bad - anyone been there? Also, what do they serve for food? They don't even list that on their website! We have special dietary needs (vegan and gluten free) and am wondering how they deal with this.


Hey @happytears123! I haven't heard of the pirate one but know that have another Medieval times themed one too near there and although I haven't been there I have heard both good and bad reviews... Lots of people.. eating with your hands. some liked the show good food but not sure how they work with special dietary needs.. Seems like, while I don't want to say junk food ,but yeah probably junk food.. LOL I would call and ask how they work with vegan and gluten free meals You might be surprised and they have something nice. Hope you guys have a great trip!!


@93111tink It is fairly new it seems. This is the link. http://www.piratesdinneradventure.com The reviews online are not good as far as I can see.

I have looked into the Medieval Times Dinner and am not interested in paying $60 each for my whole family (4 of us) for what they serve for our diet needs. (plain veggies only) I would much rather pay that at a restaurant that we will enjoy the food at for that price. We don't have funds to waste unfortunately.

Thanks for your response smile Hoping someone else might have first hand experience.


It's in Buena Park, down the street from Knott's Berry Farm. About a 15m drive via freeway from DLR. I went years ago, and left underwhelmed and sore about the cost. The underlying theme was "I should've gone to Medieval Times".

I can't speak to the veggies-only aspect, but I don't think $60 for you at MT is worth it. Better off renting a car and hitting up some awesome local veggie places.


Thanks @VentureSix. My DDs' dance studio is considering going there and although the teacher kinda is pressuring people that we all have to go as a group, for our food needs I just don't think I am wanting to "waste" that money. She won't be pleased but isn't saying it is mandatory thankfully.