DL App question

For the WDW app, we know that to see plans of other members of your party you have to link up as Family/Friends and allow to see shared plans or all plans

It seems like the DL app works differently. There is no linking up in that way and that the way to do this is to scan all of the tickets of all members of your party in order to be prepared to utilize G+/LL/ILL$?

If that is indeed true, does doing this allow you to see all of the G+/LL/ILL$ plans of every member of your party for whom you have scanned their ticket?

Is this making sense?

Basically the question is - how do all members of a party see the plans of - and make plans for - all members in their party?

Thx, and sorry to be East Coast Stupid :wink:


Yes, you just have to have all the tickets/APs scanned onto each phone. It’s easier than at WDW as there are no emails.


Thank you!


It makes it easy to because everyone can scan everyone else’s ticket when entering the park (sometimes that is easier, like when they are pre-scanning people at rope drop) or for LL.

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Jumping on this topic a few days late…

From our recent trip, I am trying to remember if I saw the other family member reservations on my app or just my own. The selection of our entire party was clearly visible when making the reservation, and since we were together, we could all instantly see our own individual reservations on our own devices. I just can’t recall seeing the others’ reservations listed in my app.

Another question that this raises is if we were able to make a reservation for only certain portions of our party. That part I cannot recall. We were going to test this, and it ended up being unnecessary on the day of our visit. Perhaps someone else knows this answer?