Divine at AK?


Anyone ever see Divine at AK? It is 20 minutes long, but touring plan has us down to see the last 7 minutes. Will that be good?


That would be plenty of time for us. Very cool to see but not for 20 min. She is not a sit down show and you would have to follow her along the path with the crowds.


Worth maybe 5 min


agree with 5 minutes or so. Not only is she moving but with all the people shoving their kid up at her for a picture during the 'show' it just becomes annoying to me after a few minutes.


We were lucky enough to come across her on leaving the Pocahontas M&G last year. She walked right by, did a fun thing where she "disappeared" against a light post, and off she went. 5 minutes was plenty of time to enjoy the experience.


With the others on this. VERY cool to see, but not for more an about 5 minutes...