Ditching my Virgin bought Disney Tickets

Hi, I need to clarify things before I do something rash so was hoping some more experienced Disney folk can help.

Currently, I have a package with Virgin Holidays which includes flights, off site accommodation, 14 day tickets and a car. At the time I booked, I was very clueless of all things Disney and it seemed like the easiest option.

My party is staying offsite but my parents will be onsite (POFQ). I’ve read online that as we are linked to their MDE account that we will be able to book our FP at 60 days along with them. However, an online chat and phonecall today confirmed that Virgin Holidays won’t release my ticket code to link my tickets to MDE until just before 30 days out. I asked today about cancelling my tickets from the package and they have confirmed that I can (for free!) until May (we go in August).

If I cancel and then buy tickets online, will I get my code to link my tickets to MDE immediately? I’d also like to be able to practise booking FP before the actual day.

Many thanks for reading!


Are you planning on buying from Disney? Ticket only should link immediately if you log in through MDE. It should ask you who the tickets shoukd be linked to.

I’m considering buying through Disney direct as I hear they have good customer service and also they appear to be the cheapest from what I’ve seen so far. Thank you.

There is a ticket calculator on the touring plans app and I think website. In the states Disney is not the cheapest.

I’m in the UK and 14 day tickets on Disney site are £1456 at the moment (3A,1C) comparing to £1504 and £1536 on other sites. I was surprised to see this as I assumed they would be the most expensive. I’ll keep searching just in case. Thanks.

Make sure you go all the way through the end to make sure Disney has the tax included.

Ah, hadn’t thought of that! Not used to having to remember Tax. Thanks again, you are a mine of information.


I just thought I’d follow this up in case it helps someone else. I cancelled my Virgin 14 day Disney tickets and they knocked £1597 off my package price, then bought direct from Disney at £1456, saving £141!!! Email will come in 48 hours with my codes etc to link to MDE so I have more control over booking fast passes etc. Only drawback is they are etickets so I’ll have to go to guest services to change but hey ho! Or I may just buy magic bands at the airport and then I don’t think i’ll need the ticket at all.

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You could spend your savings on Magic Bands for everyone, as you suggest. I bought mine on eBay (Disney bizarrely don’t ship to the UK). I registered the MB on MDE as soon as I got it and then it was plain sailing. Never used my physical tickets at all. And it’s fun having a MB!

Well, I may have already used my saving (plus the refund of my economy seat reservations) to upgrade us to premium economy. Between these two savings, it “only” cost £840 for 4 of us both ways! Which we thought was worth it for the extra room and service.

But I never thought of buying magic bands from ebay, I was going to stop off in MCO. Are they easy to link up to MDE? Thanks for the info.

I’d be careful about buying from eBay. You have no way of knowing if they’ve already been used, in which case there is nothing you could do about it. Once they’ve been assigned they cannot be reassigned to someone else.


I planned obsessionally and I wanted everything set up before I left, so that’s why I bought my Magic Band from eBay. I was aware there was some risk — as there is with buying anything on the internet. The seller had a very healthy feedback rating and I experienced no problems. (In fact I did this twice, because I bought a second band for the companion I was travelling with.)

It was very easy setting it up on MDE and I liked the way the app knew which specific band I had — the icon matched the specific pattern I’d bought.

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