"Distribution done" for Hollywood Studios all fast passes March 2020

Hi guys, I realized that yesterday suddenly all fast pass attractions (unless Muppet 3D) in Hollywood Studios were run out. Will Disney do something different during march at this park?

This thread might help

The likelihood is that they effectively shut down the FP system for DHS yesterday.

The problem was that once the first Fps were cancelled, people then went in and changed their useless replacements back. And so started a never-ending cycle of cancellations, emails, re-booking.

In order to investigate and resolve the original error, whatever caused it, they had no choice but to shut the whole park down.

Hopefully they can get it resolved very quickly.

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Thanks for your answer. The actual situation is that nobody knows what 've happened. I am going there in march first week, so I will be alert.

Thank you very much!