Distractions versus The Plan

I created a wonderful optimized plan and then after studying a bit I realized it has us going from ride to ride with no time to account for distractions like souvenir shops. What’s the best way to build this in? I set the walking speed to slow and it really pushed the schedule out which I’m fine with, I’m just trying to create a realistic plan to set expectations.

Here is the plan: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=2320758

I have wife and four kids (ages 5, 9, 12, 12)

You have 220 min of Free Time in this plan.

Can you add 5 min Rests every hour? If you spend it browsing, cool. If you spend it in the bathroom, that’s fine too.

Also, I don’t think it is realistic to think you will make it to 7DMT after the parade and be there by 3:39 if you are watching it from Main Street. I would set the fast pass for 3:30-4:30, if possible.

I agree with @SStottlemyer, there is a lot of free time here. You have a 140 block of free time before your break. You could probably fit a lot more in here. Personally I’d put a couple of 20 min breaks in - maybe when you’re near a snack option you might enjoy, or somewhere you’d like to sit and enjoy the atmosphere - and see how it looks then.

About the long freetime, I’m leaving that alone to call an optional “audible” of going back to the resort for a break around 3-4pm if I think we need it in order to make it to the 9pm show without a meltdown.

Also, the 3pm parade is there but I’m not set on it so we may skip it, will ask the “boss” what she thinks.

There is a parade at 6:30pm that isn’t on any official schedules yet but my son is marching down Main Street with his high school marching band :slight_smile:



Please do not wait 25 minutes for The Barnstormer unless you already KNOW what you are getting into.

Yeah, will probably take Barnstormer off the list after watching a youtube video :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched Barnstormer, thought it’d be good for my 7 year old. What don’t you like about? We’re first timers, and I don’t want to waste time. I did read it was bumpy/jerky. Thanks!

Looks like a very fun ride but in my plan it estimated a 25 minute wait at the time of day we’ll be close to the ride. We live close to a Bush Gardens so I’m looking to spend more time on the Disney magic rides vs carnival type rides since we do those often. If we’re close by and the line is short then we’ll certainly hop on it I’m just not building time for it in “The Plan” :slight_smile:

If your 7 yr old has never been on a coaster before, Barnstormer might be a good start. I’d wait ten minutes TOPS for it. It’s basically a quick street carnival kiddie coaster. My 7 yr old actually gave me a look like, “Are you kidding me with this?” and we waited for about 5 minutes. I’m not saying it doesn’t have a purpose for plenty of park guests, but 25 minutes? Unless you are doing it with a really younger kid, or trying a roller coaster for the first time, 25 minutes is a tough wait time for that one. Just my opinion, of course.

Thanks for the personal experience. I’m sure my 9 year old will hate it, but it might be a good tester for the 7 year old. I don’t think she’s ever even been on a rollercoaster before. But I want her to like it so we can all go on 7DMT :smile:

Good idea on that. We’ve been to Bush Gardens several times so I have a good understanding of my kid’s roller coaster tollerances :slight_smile:

For us, we found Barnstormer to be such a different experience from 7DMT that it wasn’t a judge for liking 7DMT as we disliked Barnstormer (because of the jerking) and liked 7DMT. After Barnstormer I was second guessing trying 7DMT.

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Honestly I think both BTMR and 7DMT are relatively tranquil roller coasters. Big Thunder is more side to side action than ups and downs - quick turns with no big drops. My son was quite bored at around 5 on Barnstormer when he was riding it to get an older cousin into coasters. I would likely only bother with Barnstormer if your kids are very intimidated by BTMR and/or 7DMT and refuse to do it without prodding. Barnstormer could be a good confidence builder, but likely not much more…

Thank you! I’m going to skip it.