Distance gaming

Recently we posted board games we like.

Our extended family have several board games (altho while we have Clue my sister has Disney Clue).

Has anyone figured out how to play board games at a distance?

Yes! My kids did this with my in-laws just the other day! It is required that each of the players has a copy of the board game and then they all move the pieces to reflect the move that each individual has made. Probably doesn’t work so well with card games but with dice games it’s all a matter of chance so that should be pretty easy. My kids played Yatzy with the in-laws and they all had a great time and spent about an hour and a half of time together

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Yes I was going to suggest Yahtzee! Battleship would also be awesome if not even better! When I was a kid we used to play battleship between cars with a CB radio on long road trips with friends.

Not a board game, but we are going to try jackbox with some friends tonight. We’ll see how it goes

ETA: mastermind and guess who could be particularly good too.

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Anyone know if we can play that Disney game on our phone that you’re supposed to play in the parks? I haven’t checked, but that might be a little dose of the World to add some magic back.

I just played Just One (the forum game we were playing yesterday) over Zoom with our friends. There are quite a few games in our collection that would work. Codenames, Karuba, most co-ops (like Pandemic, the Forbidden Series, etc.) The ones that would be most trouble are the ones where you need to draw cards from the same deck. There’s really no good way to do that.

Though I understand there are a lot of online clients for board games. NPR recommends boardgamearena.com.

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I think MDE sent me a notification at some point Inviting me to do something but I ignored it.

Found it…them actually…


We’ve used board game arena, but my mom said it’s servers were overloaded this morning. We Played Just One pretty well over Skype and we currently have codenames set up. There’s a good app for exploding kittens that my kids have been playing with Grandma, too.
Some of the play Disney parks app is available at home, too. We were playing that one at home before we planned to go.
This is what’s been getting them thru being stuck at home while we work. School starts back up on Monday.

Keep talking and nobody explodes works great remotely (or in person).

It is a cooperative game. One person is stuck in a room with a bomb (which is a computer/console/phone game). They called the “bomb disarming call center”, which has manuals on how to disarm bombs. The goal is to communicate quickly enough to disarm the bomb before it explodes. Only the person with the bomb interacts with something digital, everyone else works with the manual.


It’s the Play Disney app. You can do the trivia, even though you can’t do a lot of other things.

My husband and I really like playing this game together. It’s been a while, but thanks to your reminder, it’s on the agenda for tonight

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Yes. I just received a message that they added more items to do at home on the Disney Play app.

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The WDW Couple did a Youtube livestream playing Disney Scattergories the other night (maybe it was last night, can’t remember :crazy_face: ) We kinda played along for a while with our DD8y, but didn’t comment our answers or anything. It was pretty fun. :+1:t4:

We played the game Linkee over Zoom with our friends yesterday. It was fun and worked well.