Disneyworld May 2018 - Cheer leading competitions

i have searched this entire site, and dont see anything about the cheer leading competions happening in May of this year. Will this impact crowd levels?? Going May 6-11. Thanks

We are going the same week. My understanding is the resorts they are staying at will be affected, but the parks, not as much.

The various competitive events tend to not be bad for park levels as the cheerleaders will be competing the majority of their time and not touring. The only real impact I’ve seen is some shows were shutdown on certain days to accommodate the events - I believe Indy was down one year on a Saturday for a cheer-leading event. That was long ago though so I’m not sure what the standard is now when DIS hosts…

It is held at ESPN
The Summit- All Star Championship Client Event May 4 – May 6, 2018
The Summit- All Star Championship
The Summit All Star Cheerleading Championship brings the best teams at this end-of-the-year event. The Summit Championship will once again have a live show featuring live commentary of routines, social media interaction and special features on ESPN3.
All ages
Benefits of Competing Here >Pricing & Info >

Thanks everyone! sorry for the late response, still getting used to the layout of this site. lol

There was a cheer competition last week (Nationals of some sort) and the beginning of the week was fine, but later in the week their were cheer teams everywhere. Most of them were well-behaved, but a few would gather in ride queues or exits and erupt in large group cheers. I was glad I wasn’t in any of those confined spaces with them.

The Brazilian tourists were much harder for me to deal with - a lot of line jumping and saving spots for 6-8 extra people.

thanks for all the replies. keeping my plans for may 6-11. hoping for the best. staying off site, and just a bit worried about fast passes, as i can only schedule them 30 days ahead.

i understand. just wondering why this competition isnt listed on the website. if it is a yearly event, why not list it?

It is listed on the ESPN website. Those kinds of events are never listed on the Disney website.