Disney's riviera resort update

Did anyone else just get this email, “hot off the press”?

  • This Spring, Members can begin booking stays at Disney’s Riviera Resort with Vacation Points, accessing exclusive, protected inventory which is being held just for our Members. Exact timing will be shared once the official opening date is confirmed.

I do have a fall trip planned and would potentially be interested in staying here! Obviously they haven’t even started selling this resort yet, so I would assume that the “members” they are talking about are all of us, right?

We need points charts!!

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I received the email as well and am anxiously waiting on more info.

I guess we will at least know the cash price within 2 weeks. And I imagine that will give us an idea of an opening date!

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I thought it was funny, when I logged into my account this morning they asked permission to send info and then this email! I was thinking about booking a weekend.

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