Disneys mini golf

Looking into fun date night ideas for me and my girlfriend. I have already booked a table at the boathouse and looking to do amphicar tour. I was wondering what you guys think of Disneys mini golf?

We did WinterSummerland a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it! The theming is a lot of fun. That course is not especially challenging. I’ve heard that Fantasia Gardens is a real killer of a game if you’re looking for something more likethat!

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If you’re playing the “standard mini-golf” course, it’s a touch harder than Winter Summerland, but not bad.

If you’re playing the “putting greens” course, that one’s a doozy!


thanks is this free to do for on site guests or is it additional charge?

Additional charge.

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thanks can you remember how much roughly?

I cannot recall fortunately the google machine is still working!

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perfect thanks was trying to look last night but was not letting me log onto MDE

We really enjoy Fantastia Gardens.

After you pay for your round, they usually give you wait time and then call your party. It’s really well organized and it helps to keep groups from clogging up the course.

I’ll add that you can walk to it from the Epcot IG area (Y&B, BW, Swan/Dolphin). You can walk from HS too, but you have to loop around at the Swan and sort of backtrack.

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thanks for the info I just watched a YouTube video on Fantasia gardens does look like a lot of fun.

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Fantasia Gardens can get very crowded in the early evening/evening hours - we have waited upwards of 1 hour to start.

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wow that’s abit of a wait was this on a week day or weekend ?

My DS and I really enjoyed Fantasia Gardens. We arrived an hour before it closed and the course was nearly empty. We played the standard mini golf course because they said we wouldn’t have time to finish the putting green course. We still liked it though.

We had mini golf included in our room stay but you had to go before 4pm and we never made it.

++ @OBNurseNH … I’ve done both and Fantasia Gardens is much more difficult

In our experience, if we arrive anytime from about 5 p.m. on (weekday or weekend), it may be a long wait. Also, the passes mention you need to use them before 4:00 p.m. (because that is when they get busy), but we have used them after 4:00 and they have been accepted. It’s still very fun and worth wait!

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We’ve done both the sand and snow courses at Winter Summerland. They are lots of fun.

NB the UK tickets include entry until 4pm. I know that won’t help the OP, but it might help someone else.

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