Disney's latest opportunity to make your wallet bleed


Up to $250 (plus tax) for a 4 hour event with a parade and fireworks?

Not a lot to add to this other than NO!


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Lot’s of “No’s!” here too :wink:

It’s crazy pricing.

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Just one more way for Disney to perform wallet biopsies.
Definitely not family friendly, despite all the posturing to the contrary.
$676 for ONE event for a family of 4 (at the lowest rate) That will exclude a lot of people.
:notes: Hey big spender :notes:



I happened to have this photo to hand because I had just sent it to DH yesterday! :laughing:


Such a bummer! We were really looking forward to doing this as well 🥲.

I was almost expecting a Christmas Eve party with a $499 price tag. That would be an insane price but people would go

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Doesn’t seen to bother Boo to You attendees. Shucking out Bib Buck for an extra 4 hours if they already have park tickets. If not then just 6 hours. :roll_eyes:

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