Disneyrun Feb 2016

I’m planning on running my first Disneyrun event in Feb 2016. It looks as if I will be going solo (this won’t be my first solo trip). Have other liners gone solo in the past to these Disneyrun events? Will there be any liner meet ups? Any advice, tips or experiences would be most appreciated!

Yes I have gone solo several times and there are always meet ups. Try joining the Liners running FB group too

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Thanks Keli! Just sent in my fb request!

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Hey Smiley,
I responded on chat. But send me an email. erin.r.bonilla@gmail.com I haven’t finalized if I’m able to go yet, but I’ll obviously know for sure by september :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I also have attempted to join the FB group, so maybe we can connect over there too.

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Yay! I have made so many Liner friends that I always find a roomie. Did WDW half and PHM this year and have DL half and W&D to go!


Hey Erin,
That’s fine! I’m not in any rush to book yet! (I’m still not 100% sure myself.):smile: I’ll still send you an e-mail, and like you said, in the meantime, we can hopefully connect on the fb group!