Beyond excited that BTMRR showed back up as available for June trip. Now I need more pixie dust for DQ – DS8’s absolute favorite thing and I understand there is a chance it isn’t closing in 2016. Anyone have an educated guess if it will still be open first and second weeks of June?

Check MDE DQ page its shows as open on its calender until July at present. There is a calander on the DQ page just put your dates in for opening times. Can’t remember if I used web or app.

Yes, thank you! It’s a hopeful sign.

When I checked the first week in Jan all the calender said was schedule unavailable, that was for March/April. These opening hours have only been added on the last 10 days so I feel pretty confident it will be open until July or they wouldn’t have updated the calender with 6 months of dates and times.


I hit “reply” too soon – Whoo-hoo! That suggests an active change! I appreciate it.