DisneyQuest closure

My son with disabilities is obsessed with Wreck-It Ralph and the video game from the movie, Fix-It Felix Jr. We planned a trip to Disneyland last year because they had the arcade game in the Starcade but it was removed shortly before we got there. Devastation! Started planning a trip to WDW solely for the purpose of going to DisneyQuest so my son can play the arcade game. Heard it is being closed permanently in 2016. We were planning to go in January so we could get through the holidays first but I’m worried it will be closed. Any insight on when the closure will happen? Or do I just plan on going in December to be sure he gets to play the game?

I would expect they will close January 4th or so when many other things seem to be closing. Are you sure there is a Wreck It Ralph game? It doesn’t seem as if they added anything in years?

Wreck it Ralph was there our last trip in 2013. Close to pack man and pin ball machines.

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Not sure about the closing date but the definitely have Wreck It Ralph. We played it three weeks ago! A whole bank of 4 or 5 machines on the third floor.

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