Disneyland with 4 kids by myself!

I’m planning to go to Disneyland/DCA in the next few months (on a lower crowd day, dates still TBA). My kids are 7 (tall enough for everything, 5 year old twins (42 inches and 41.5 without shoes), and a baby who is nearly 2 (30.5 inches). My main concern is what rides I can go on with all 4? I had some issues last year because my oldest was 6 then so we were limited as to what rides we can go on because they are little. My husband can’t get the time off work and I’m fine to take them by myself, I just don’t want to wait in line only to be turned away (it happened at the Mater ride at DCA until a kind lady offered to ride with one of my littles!). I know we can do Small World, Jungle Cruise, and most of Fantasyland. The ones I’m most concerned about is Dumbo, Autotopia, and the toontown rollercoaster because my baby LOVES Dumbo and I know the others would love those rides. My brother is likely to come down with me but his kids are older (10 and almost 14) so we may not do a ton of rider switch passes because they may be off doing their own thing. I guess I’m mostly just wondering about seating arrangements on the rides we can all go on together as well as ones I can go on with my bigger 3 if I can get my brother or niece to watch the baby?

Anyone under 7 has to ride with someone 14+ from what I understand (I don’t have kids so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to those rules), so I don’t think you will be able to work out Dumbo, Autopia or Gadget’s Go Coaster without some one older than 14. Your 7 year old might be able to ride in their own seat, but then you would need to sit with the twins and baby. But I don’t think the seats on those rides will accommodate that many bodies since I also think there is no lap sitting.

Sorry if that’s not very helpful and may be bad news. I hope you can figure out a way to make it work!

This is correct children under 7 must ride with someone who is 14 or older.

You will have issues with the littles, as you can’t ride with them all, even with the 7 year old going by themselves. Maybe your brother and his 14 year old can help you with some of the rides. I see the issues with Autotopia, Dumbo, Mr. Toad, Gadget’s Go Coaster, and other rides that generally seat 2-3 people.