Disneyland vs Disneyworld crowds

I have heard that Disneyland is more crowded than WDW due to the amount of APs. is this true? just wondering what to expect. We are use to DL crowds being unpredictable and it seems there isn’t a off season anymore. So I was just curious if WDW is pretty much the same

In general, WDW crowds are much more predictable than DLR crowds. However, recently the WDW crowd predictions have been off - one of the reasons that has been suggested for this is increased attendance due to the rebooking of vacations that were cancelled due to the hurricane.

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Here is how I see the 2 coasts: Disneyland feels more crowded due to the smaller walkways, but the ride lines are more manageable. All the locals coming for evening shows, date nights, to eat but maybe not ride much. At WDW, you have a lot more leg room and personal space, BUT the ride lines are longer. There are less rides in each park- DL has more rides in 2 parks than WDW has in 4. WDW is plenty crowded, and the low season is no longer a thing, as Disney has done everything it can to fill those low crowd times by offering great discounts, free dining, etc. Be prepared for the crowds, especially large tour groups from other countries and many sports groups/cheerleaders, and be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t feel too crowded to you. Enjoy!


DL IME is wayy more crowded feeling that WDW because of the way smaller size. Coming from California all my life. I love the interactive qeues WDW has which are unheard of in DL. Also magic bands are awesome.

Any idea on how the crowds would compare Presidents’ Week? Are schools out west out that week like many in the Northeast are?

Schools are not out, at least not in Washington. Kids get only the one day off for the Holiday. Fall breaks are not a thing here either.

Thanks. I am looking at options for Presidents’ Week and DLR is one of them.

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