Disneyland Touring Plan w/MaxPass?

Does anyone have any tips on making a Disneyland touring plan while using MaxPass? I’ve made mine with the normal FastPass booth visits and the two hour FP gaps in there and am just planning on running a little bit ahead since we won’t have to send a runner to get FPs and we’ll only have 1.5hr waits between passes.

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I haven’t been in a few years, so I can’t speak to this, but if no one responds, check with YouTube. I have found some good stuff on there.

I’m not sure right now how on how to adjust your Touring plan accordingly, but we used MaxPass in mid-August and it was great. We often were walking off one headliner and heading straight to another with Max Pass. There were times where I had to search for a FP option that was delayed so we had time to eat lunch.

What we saw was Indy, Radiator Springs, Guardians, Space, and the Matterhorn often had a gap on times to book. Splash did on occasion too. Everything else we were able to book where it was walk off current ride and head straight there to walk on.

Our strategy on DCA mornings was book Guardians ASAP and walk on Radiator Springs. We’d then usually do another smaller ride after like Luigi’s before our Guardians time. After first scan on Guardians we could book an immediate FP to Soarin’ then the River Rapids followed by Toy Story and California Screaming and essentially walk to the next ride and hop on - sometimes we had a few minutes to kill but often not. Then we’d typically park hop to DisneyLand - I think the biggest choices are finding time gaps for whatever non-FP rides you want to do in between. That’s where booking one of the few hours out rides can help…