Disneyland Rope Drop

Traveling to DL on a weekday in early March with my husband and two toddlers. Debating between two rope drop strategies:

Option 1. Start in Adventureland. Ride Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder then head to Fantasyland for the kids rides. Anyone find that Adventureland is insane at Rope Drop because everyone is trying to get to Galaxy’s Edge?
Option 2. Start in Fantasyland. Get the kids on some rides with short wait times, then head to Big Thunder, Indiana Jones, Pirates.
Option 3. Suck it up and pay for Genie+

As a side note: How accurate are TP wait times? They are looking very short compared to what I’m reading in people’s trip reports.


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How many days are you going?

Genie+ does not include the Fantasyland rides, whereas the others you listed are included in Genie+. And those Fantasyland wait times can rise quickly. I presume you will be doing rider swap for some of those “non toddler” rides. If you are only going one day, I would do Option 2 and Option 3.

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We were at DLR on Jan. 2 and did the following very successfully although we did not have toddlers whom you may not be able to get out of FL and will likely slow you down. We were front of pack. Lines do build quickly in FL.

We meant to RD Peter Pan but went the wrong way, so made a game time decision and I’m glad we did b/c we jammed thru the AM and the time we would have waited in line for PP would have eaten up our walk on AM advantage.

All of the below were essentially walk on but Haunted Mansion and HM was no more than 10 minutes. Big Thunder may have been 5. We were just ahead of the line builds.

We walked with purpose to:

Alice - walk on
Show white - walk on

Note: we could have walked on Dumbo too, and regretted not doing it then as my 6 year decided no in the moment (perhaps influenced by his older brother!) and then later said he HAD to ride it and the line was horrendous! Same with Astro Orbiter. Our biggest waits of the trip were for Dumbo and Astro. We did Rope Drop and G+ though.

Matterhorn - walk on (not a great ride IMO, I would skip! Especially as you would have to do rider swap.)
Big Thunder - 5 min wait actual.
Jungle cruise - walk on
Pirates - sign said 10 minute but was walk on
Haunted Mansion - 10 minute wait actual
Splash - walk on
Winnie the Pooh - walk on but this ride never has a long wait
…then G+d the rest of our day

Note: Indy had a 30 minute wait when we passed by after JC. We had ridden Indy the day before G+ so wasn’t on our plan. FWIW: Indy is BIG chunk of time even riding G+ and more so if you are rider swapping. G+ line goes on forever! Regular line looked like a nightmare. It was one and done for us because of the time suck.

By the we time we cycled back following the same route, the lines we had just breezed thru were ALL at least 45-60 minutes each (HM, PoC, BTM, Jungle) and Indy was 70+.

I would highly recommend G+, and make Indy your first G+ of the day grabbing as soon as you walk in park, circling back AFTER PoC and Haunted Mansion to ride (a little back track but not a big deal), then G+ Millennial Falcon after tapping in. Then head to splash (if interest) and Winnie.

After tapping in for MF, then you can REALLY get the value out of G+ with toddlers by using G+ to jam on all those fast RT rides that are perfect for toddlers: IASW, Autopia, Buzz, Roger Rabbit.

If you do the above rides in this order you will have the added benefit of being able to hop on the train right behind autopia (which was the only station without a crazy looong line) and ride the train around to toon town, where enough time will have passed between tap in at autopia and your RT at toon town.

I will say if you don’t get G+ you will get bottle necked with really long waits at Roger (60 minute stand by), IASW (45 minute), Autopia (60 minute) and Buzz won’t be fun either at 30.

With toddlers, G+ is really wonderful as you will dodge a lot toddler entertaining in lines.

If you create a TP just know you will be WELL ahead of their forecasted waits if you are front of pack rope droppers. January 2 was a high CL day.


Thanks for the awesome and thorough response! I think we will end up gong with G+ and try to rope drop Fantasyland.

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Good call. I strongly recommend rope dropping Fantasyland with toddlers. The rides are so close together and have basically no wait (other than Peter Pan). It makes for a really easy start to the day with small children.

How tall are they? Of the 12 LL attractions at DLR, 7 have height requirements. You may be better off just doing rider swap and/or single rider for some of the bigger rides.

If early March means the first week, the schedule is showing Splash Mountain and Matterhorn down for refurbishment. I haven’t seen an update on the Toontown plan, but in Nov they said it would close sometime in March. So that may eliminate another LL option.

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I saw someplace Toontown will close 3/6.