Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland is my normal go to, as I am a born and bred California girl. We have visited WDW once and enjoyed the experience, but I prefer DL. I like that the parks are a short walk apart and it just feels like home to me. My daughter and I will be in Paris for 5 days in June 18. It is our first European vacation and wonder if a day at Disney Paris is worth sacrificing one of our 5 days out of the city. Thoughts?

Short answer, no. There is so much to do in the City of Lights that I would not sacrifice 1 day out of 5 for a trip to DLP. We did it when we were in Paris for 10 days, and still regretted it.

I have a different answer, I have been to Paris once (despite living in the uk) and it was a four day trip with one day in disneyland. I do not regret that day. For me the city was a fun visit but I’m not rushing back. I have however been back to the parks twice since. But I don’t live in Cali so any trip to a Disney park is a plus for me.

We are going next year and are doing a day there to make it fun for the kiddies. However if it was just my wife and I - we would not. However we always take the possition that we will be back and if we want to see something (or not) we will put it on our list to come back to.

So ultimately - if it is something that YOU want to do - do it