Disneyland Paris Questions: One Day Only (Day Trip) - Logistical Questions

Hello all,

I am sorry for posting this on the WDW forum. I think we need a DLP subforum! My family is headed to Europe soon, and we will be staying in Central Paris for 5 nights as our second leg of the trip. We(I?) decided to take one of our days and go to DLP. I have older kids, so we’ll focus on the thrill rides and the “different” rides/lands and experiences. We won’t buy the super expensive Premier Access all-day pass. We’ll see if we decide on any of the individual passes that day.

Paging: @Sunshiney_Disney_Momma , @Wahoohokie , @cbalusek , and @jennybenny1011 to see if they can help me with the following:

  1. Morning Logistics: We are staying near Luxembourg Gardens (6th Arr?). It looks like we take an RER train to DLP. How long will it take us to get there if we want to arrive at/near opening? Any tips on what to bring or not? (Day packs? Water bottles?)

  2. General Paris Transportation: We’ll probably hire private transport to/from the Gare du Nord and Gare de Est stations on our arrival/departure days. We have Versailles scheduled one day. We will need public transportation at the end of Day One (we end near the Arc). We will need public transportation both at the start and finish of Day 3. Day 4 is DLP. Would you recommend Navigo cards or just “pay as we go”? How did you figure out which was financially better? If we need Navigo cards, where do we go for these?

  3. Returning to Paris late at night: This is mainly for @Sunshiney_Disney_Momma since I think her family also only did a day trip to DLP. Did you feel safe coming home on a late train? We’ll definitely have to walk a few blocks to get back to our hotel. We’re not in a riot-y part of the city, but I know there have been curfews in place the last few weeks and trains haven’t been running late, so maybe this won’t even be an option, but we would like to see the drones if possible. (I do know that DLP is also experiencing CM strikes, so shows have been cancelled, so this also might be decided for us.)

Thanks for any of the above. I’m open to any other thoughts/tips if I didn’t ask the right questions above.


I allowed for 1 hour from Ar. 2. I think it was more like 45 minutes.

We did Navigo but we had the week long pass. It was definitely worth it for us. I physically calculated all of the trips (2 euro per person per leg) and it was a no brainer for us. I’ve heard for less than 3 days it typically doesn’t make sense to get a pass.

Yes absolutely. So many people did the same thing so it was mostly park employees and other day trippers on the train with us. There were plenty of seats too since it was a double decker.

I’d be happy to help with any other trip logistics!!

Oh and also, we used Klook for our airport transfer and I highly recommend. It was super cheap (relative) to other options and way less stressful than trying to navigate the public transportation options from the start of the trip (it took about a day before we got comfortable with how to use the railway system).

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I think @Sunshiney_Disney_Momma gave you the info you need. We bought the cards that have 10 trips on them, in the metro station closest to our hotel in the 6th- Saint-Germain-des-Pres as there was a live human that spoke English. We just paid extra for the day we went to Versailles on the RER. We took an Uber to and from DLP. It does take a day or two to get comfortable with all the different transportation options around Paris, but we used the metros a ton and once we figured it out it was fairly easy. We took park bags- Loungeflys- and carried water bottles.
We had a lovely meal across from the Luxembourg Gardens at a place called Au Petit Suisse if you are looking for a nearby place. I hope you have a great trip!


We were near the Champs Élysées and once we got onto the RER, it was 45 min. We used Citymapper to help us with navigation. It’s about a 5 min walk to the park from the station.

We used cross body bags but didn’t bring a lot with us. We bought water in the parks and just refilled the bottles.

We did the 5 day Navigo pass for zones 1-3 and then bought a separate ticket for our 6th day, which was Disney. It was pretty easy to buy at a kiosk though we ended up having to talk to a person because our credit card wouldn’t work.

We honestly didn’t calculate savings or not - just felt it was easier to not have to buy a ticket each time.


In case it helps - I asked my thrill seekers and their favorite rides were Crush, Avengers, and BTMRR. As a thrill hater, I also loved BTMRR.

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This is what we did too. I have very rarely felt unsafe walking at night in Europe. If you are not in very specific areas there are usually always people and public transportation runs almost all night in most major cities!


Wonderful information. Thank you all!

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