Disneyland Paris Hotels

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Looking to do Disneyland Paris. Basically one day - but thinking of staying two nights in the area so that we can take full advantage of the single day. What are people’s experience on hotels NEAR the park. Is there truly any benefit to staying at an official hotel other than proximity. We won’t have a car - so would be relying on other transportation back and forth - but the hotels look fairly close. I prefer staying in a NICE hotel as compared to a theme one. More of a Four Seasons guy

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We have only been once and we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. It reminded me of the Grand Floridian. It is situated right at the entrance to the park, actually the hotel goes over the top of the entrance! You get extra magic hours and extra paper fast passes. We also ate at two of the restaurants here, Inventions for breakfast, which was lovely and California Grill (which wasn’t a patch on the one at WDW) We also liked the Piano Bar, which has a small outside balcony, from where you can watch people entering the park beneath you. It has a character greet area (Mickey) at the entrance to the Inventions restaurant. It also has a pool/spa etc. The number one selling point though is it’s location, we didn’t have a car, and arrived from London on the Eurostar, which terminates at the park entrance. The hotel is right in the heart of the whole area.

I researched this pretty heavily, but we ultimately decided against a Disneyland Paris trip (for unrelated reasons). The benefits of staying on property are similar to WDW, but there are Extra Magic Hours almost every morning at Parc Disneyland so if you are off-site then you can’t really do rope drop. They aren’t every day at Studios Park so that’s a little bit better.

Also, be aware if you do a package (which is recommended) that one night of hotel includes 2 park days and 2 nights of hotel includes 3 park days. That was kind of annoying to me since I wanted 3 nights and 2 hotel days. Also, you can book from any of the different country’s sites (top right corner to change) and they have different offers!

Disney Tourist Blog has extensive hotel reviews!

Thank you!! I think the Disneyland Hotel is a BIT more than I am willing to offer - however, just due to the convenience to the train etc - I think one of the other hotels may do just fine. I am thinking we would do 2 nights and 1 day (package or not) just as I want to be able to enjoy a FULL day there. May do it at the end of the trip and then take train back to airport directly. We will see. I did think there would be some benefit as far as extra magic hours and something with fast pass but wasn’t sure.

If you are staying 2 nights but only one day in the park I would stay in a partner hotel tbh. It’s fairly easy to see everything in one day. Me and a friend went during the summer holidays, missed rope drop and couldn’t stay till close as we were travelling to and from paris, and we still managed to see everything we wanted to. The partner hotels will give you the benefit of a shuttle to the parks but you won’t be paying the premium for benefits you probably won’t use to the full

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THANKS! I think it will all come down to price at that time. Thanks!!!

No problem, glad you’re getting to go :blush:. Explorers hotel is the only partner hotel I have stayed in and it was a few years ago now but it was very nice and reasonably priced

Also I’m going in October so if you want to know anything more specific about the parks let me know

anything you would care to share

1 - What is the difference between the various tickets - I assume it is dates they can be used (mini / magic / etc)
2 - What are on site benefits (seems like extra magic and additional FP) if so can you get FP staying off site
3 - Any (and I hate when people ask this) so I will change it - instead of the MUST SEE - what are the MAJOR DUD attractions.

I am quite the commando tourer in WDW. I have even become the “creepy dude by himself guy” when my family returns to the hotel.

I am thinking that we will fully be utilizing the train - no car (but that could change).

  1. Yes it relates to the dates they can be used. Mini is only on super off peak for example. So if you know that you are going on one of those days it’s worth getting but if you’re unsure/there’s a few days you’re choosing between it’s better to go for the other types. http://www.dlpguide.com/planning/booking/park-tickets/ explains it better than me (And is a good resource generally)
  2. On site benefits are- emh which varies from one park to both parks and one to two hours depending on when you go. They are changing the set up from the 1st Oct and noones entirely sure how it’s going to work/What rides will be available/whether it’s permanent or just for the winter season.
  • hotel easy pass which works a bit like the magic bands in that you can charge things to your room and have purchases delivered to the hotel.
  • Disney express- not sure if you can book this separately but I can’t see why not. This is a service where you drop your luggage off at the desk in the train station and they give you your park tickets and you can go straight to the parks while they drop your bags off at the hotel. And you can then drop your bags at the hotel reception on check out and collect them from the station before departure.
  • Meal plan- food can be pretty expensive so sometimes the meal plans can be worth it although not always (Just like wdw) but if you want one these are only available to onsite guests.
    -Location. The disneyland hotels are all within walking distance to the parks (except Davey Crockett ranch which is for those with cars) and the further ones also have shuttles. But the local hotels also offer shuttles with sometimes only a 5-10 minute difference.
  • Character meets in the lobby. Currently they all offer characters in the morning but this may not be permanent and, while it is supposed to be limited to hotel guests I have seen people just walking in so there’s that.
  • Usual keeps you in the bubble, Disney magic from start to finish argument.

On the fast pass issue, some rooms do get you a vip fast pass which I think can be used for certain rides between 1 and 4 but don’t quote me on that because they are only available in the suites/more expensive rooms and I’ve never stayed in anything but the standard. And most hotel guest get the exact same access to fast passes as off site guests. You go to the machine, insert your park ticket, get your fast pass. Repeat process once used/ 2 hours after receiving the first one. Like the California system only no pay to play system (yet).

As for dud attractions, depends on what you like. The peter pan ride is pretty much a carbon copy, as is buzz lightyear (But I love that so I go on it every time). Dumbo and aladdins carpets are the same ride (as each other and as wdw). And I avoid it’s a small world because I hate it with a firey passion and the queue in Paris involves a loud ticking clock which annoys me even before the repetitive singing dolls :joy:. And the indiana Jones rollercoaster is pretty bare bones and indistinguishable from any other coaster.

And I know you didn’t ask but since I’ve given this thought planning my own trip, my must sees are Pirates (paris is my favourite version of this ride, I found wdw’s dissapointing), big thunder mountain (at night if possible) and the Dragon under the castle.

Things I cannot comment on- Crush’s coaster and TOT (never plucked up the courage) Ratatouille and their version of star tours (opened since I was last there) and hyperspace mountain (This has been recently revamped and is apparently a much smoother ride with at least some star wars theming)

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And the really unique show, as in nowhere else, is the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, which I guess is their answer to Hoop de Doo. Great fun from what I remember (it was years ago now).

You can go inside the castle too, without having to pay the earth for an over-priced meal. I remember that area of the park was so pretty, and the maze is fun!

I soooo want to go back. We went as part of a week in Paris, meant to be the perfect romantic getaway - except we mistimed things and I was 3 months pregnant! Best laid plans eh?

I love Alice’s Labyrinth :grin:. Never done buffalo bills but I’ve heard pretty good reviews. If you do end up going back it might be worth the wait, Disney only recently got full control so I imagine improvements are on their way!

THANK YOU very much!!!

I am using DLP as my planning “jumping off” point. My wife is concentrating on Paris, I am concentrating on DLP and then we will meet in the middle somewhere - HA. Think we will also do Normandy and Brittany

I have heard the Buffalo Bill’s is cool - we are fortunate that we get out to some live rodeo’s in Idaho - may skip that. But have heard it is awesome.

Not sure if you’re bike people but one of my highlights from my last paris trip was a cycle tour from ‘Bike About Tours’. They’re led by english speaking people living in Paris and take you round the backstreets, showing you sights you would most likely miss on your own. Also if you’re staying for a few days and planning to use the metro, it’s usually worth it to buy a ‘carnet’ which is a set of 10 single ride metro tickets at better value than buying singles would be. You can get them from some vending machines in the stations or from the manned ticket booths

WOW - thanks. Both sound like great ideas. Keep them coming!!

Hi everyone–seems like we have some DLP knowledge here. I just realized that the DLP packages include your nights’ stay + 1 for park tickets. We want 2 nights and 2 days of park tickets. Has anyone had any luck with getting room only reservations at the DLP hotels and then buying tickets separately? My dates are far out (next April) so I’m wondering if room only deals will show up as the dates get closer but don’t want to miss the early booking savings if that is going to be the best deal. TIA!

You can book the room and tickets separately, but all the deals I’ve seen are for packages which included tickets for arrival and departure day. I’ve never seen room-only deals for DLP. I always thought they did packages this way to discourage people from using DLP as a base for visiting Paris.

There is one deal right now on the UK site where you can choose the number of days worth of tickets, but it’s from Signature Services - so I assume it’s a high price!

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You can book room only deals but not direct with Disney IIRC. They are on third party booking sites like booking.com but I’m not sure if this would give you the same on site benefits.