Disneyland Paris help needed please

Sorry to put this in WDW, can’t see a better place…

I just booked our trip to DLP and received the email confirmation. This email has a ‘‘download your documents’’ button and says that I need to print said documents but however I try the documents won’t download. I get a ‘‘download failure’’ message in a new window (which looks like it’s acrobat). There is a ‘‘refresh’’ button but that doesn’t work either. The email comes from an automated system and can’t be replied to. All they offer to contact them is a phone number but with the time difference and the cost, I’d like to avoid calling them if I could.

Anyone can help please ?

try copying the link into a different browser - if you are using internet explorer try chrome. Don’t try it from your phone either.

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Thanks - still not working though. Also I did try to call them and a recording says they’re too busy and can’t answer and then it hangs up on you LOL !!! Great service !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I purchased my DLP tickets and resort stay through expedia and really only needed to show up. they did everything at checkin. ( i didn’t do meals in nayway, just room and it included tickets ). I did call them (it’s 6 hours ahead of east coast so i called at 8 am (2pm their time) and they basically said as long as your purchase venue has confirmed you just show up, again i didn’t do meals. It was a paper process at checkin ( Sequoia Lodge )

We’ll be staying at Sequoia Lodge as well !!! :smiley:

I did get a special deal which includes breakfast and dinner everyday but knowing your experience makes me pretty confident we’ll be fine. I will still try to get a hold of them somehow but you significantly decreased my stress level LOL. Thanks.