Disneyland Paris - European Disney logic

Couldn’t resist posting to share that bad Disney logic extends overseas!

We are on the last day of a 17 night amazing Europe visit. We decided to spend our last full day at Disney Paris. I stayed on property with my kids last night purely to take advantage of early entry (1 hour), as well as use the 2nd day ticket to get some late evening park time with my kids.

Last night was great. We entered Disneyland at 8.15pm and in short order did most of the headliners as walk ons. Saw the castle fireworks show. All good!

This AM we got up early (not easy after a 11.30pm late night)…and then this:

We get in line at 8.10 for Walt Disney Studios early entry only to find out that with the opening of Avengers campus two days ago they took AWAY that benefit - and park opens for everyone at 9.30.

Nothing posted at hotel, nothing communicated at check in, just some cast mates walking around telling people. They said it’s so popular that…and help me understand this…they shorten hours and take away one of the only benefits of staying onsite!!! Our hotel itself (Sequoia) is ancient - but easy walking distance to parks.

Seriously I could have saved money by staying off property…and slept in!

So now I’m here having to wait 1+ hours.

I sent my kids off to Disneyland Park to ride Big Thunder as that was only headliner that still had 30 minute wait last night.


I’m Sorry. That’s stupid. What a bad way to treat your guests!

I hope the rest of the day is fantastic.

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Oh no! Not a real “like”. That’s terrible but feels very par for the course for DLP.

Did you see the drone show?? And definitely don’t miss BTMR.