Disneyland or WDW late Aug. with 9 month old, 5 year old and 6 year old?

We’ve been to WDW and had an amazing time. Not thrill seekers (Splash Mountain was too scary for our preschooler,) but we love playing at the resort pools, meeting characters, shows, dark rides, etc. Debating visiting DL because of the convenience of staying across the street from the parks and it will be cooler (and no hurricanes,) but hestitating due to longer (6 hour) flight. In your opinion, is WDW vs DL easier with a baby? I’m also open to other east coast vacation suggestions. Thanks in advance!

I am a huge fan of DLR, and over the decades, I’ve probably spent a roughly equal amount of days at each resort. I like DL MUCH better than MK, and DCA is right up there with EP and AK as my second favorite US Disney park. I’ve never done either resort with an infant or toddler, but one thing that DLR has going for it is the fact that the entrances to both parks and DTD are all less than a 5 minute walk from each other, so there are no buses to deal with and hopping is as easy as going from FW to WS in EP.

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I have been in late August. I am from the Philly area so hot humid summers are expected. I find going in August no problem since I am used to the heat. If you are from the west coast it may be harder for you. A winter break when it is less humid in Florida may be better.

I have been to the Grand Canyon in August and was surprised at the cool evening and early morning temperature.

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