Disneyland Magic Key Sales Resume: Everything You Need To Know!

I don’t expect to ever break even with my pass, even factoring in discounts (though that will get me partway there). I didn’t get one for DW, just for myself. It’s more to make me feel special. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

100% agree with you…do what makes you feel good…

That post was me trying to remind myself I don’t NEED IT

And I will be the first one to say- having a AP makes me happy.

Lol at this point I have too many APs -

honesty i was prepared for $1k and the lower level passes but the increased cost to get the inspire key for me means canceling other trips- already planned and it’s more than likely that $500 difference means doing something like @ParkRanger’s helicopter tour while I am in Vegas…

gotta say though my favorite is bush gardens because it gives me access to all 11of their parks no blockout dates…

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Yeah I wouldn’t have been able to justify the extra $500 if I hadn’t gotten Believe. My “warm fuzzies” are worth something, but not $500. :rofl:

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