Disneyland Last minute…what’s changed?

I’m in SoCal for a couple of weeks for other reasons and a cousin had a ticket she hasn’t used which has now turned into five cousins going on Jul 3. I was able to grab a 4 person Carthay Circle Lounge lunch. I’m hoping they let us squeeze in a person. And we have G+. I know park hopping is at 11am now (we do have hoppers). I cant find any dinner rezzies except in hotels or DD but I’ll keep checking. Really want to try Lamplight (prefer the lounge) so I’ll put a res finder on it. What else has changed since Nov. I need to know. Still I can’t buy ILLs until we’re in the park right? What has ILL right now? I have cousins who have not done the new stuff like RotR even though they all live in SoCal. What?!?! This makes no sense to me lol. So we’re starting in Disneyland cuz I figure that’s priority. We’re all adults 21-43yo. Thanks for any tips from the Disneyland regulars!

Side note: DH asked if I could imagine living here and being able to go to DLR all the time….bwahahaha. Of course I can. Also it’s in the 70s here and over 110 heat index back home soooo I asked him can we move here. He said “maybe”. Lol


Well I accomplished this with res finder. I have one for 5 people for Carthay Circle and Ogas too cuz a lot of em haven’t done that.

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Correct. You can’t buy Genie+ (unless you pre-purchased it for your full length of ticket), get a LL, or purchase an ILL until you enter the park.

The ILL attractions are RotR, MMRR, and RSR.

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Not much I can think of, other than the opening of the refurbished Toontown and closure of Splash Mountain. Pacific Wharf is being transformed into San Fransokyo, but the construction doesn’t impact much.

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Thank you Jeff!

We did buy and my cousin was able to add G+ to her existing unused ticket via phone so we’re good to go there. And I’ll start working the magic the moment we tap in. I have everyone’s tickets loaded in my app.

One thing I’m a little unsure of is which two ILLs to buy to save us time. I haven’t done this MMRR yet but I’m betting they would prefer RotR and RSR being in their 20s and 30s. (I’m the oldest of all the cousins).


That’s a hard choice! I love all three of those rides. You won’t be there two days I assume?

I would go with RSR and RotR. Try riding MMRR when it reopens after fireworks, first thing in the morning, or just before close.

Or if you are ok riding RSR single rider you could get MMRR instead.

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I had that thought.

My concern here is sometimes single rider isn’t open but being the day before the fourth and a tier 6 day I’m betting it will

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Yes just one day. Only one of them likes Disney as much as me and they all live here and can go whenever but just don’t (except the one that had an annual pass every year until Covid). But I think all of em but one of the 21 year olds is pretty excited. He’s going cuz his twin is.

And thanks again for your Genie+ post cuz I went back and read it. Also with hopping at 11am should the top part change to say if you book LL in the other park you’re limited to after 11am?

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Oh probably! I have updated relatively recently but I probably just missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.

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