Disneyland is closing!

Breaking on CNBC, let me see if I can find written notice…

Thank you @ISUamanda. I’m not on twitter.

The official Disneyland statement

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Oh no I am supposed to be there 4/2

5 day WDW trip starts next Tuesday (17th). Odds seem pretty high that even if we do get there, it’ll close down during our stay. I’m being obstinate and still haven’t rescheduled yet…



Oh no! :sob: Fingers crossed it doesn’t extend.

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If I were in your position, I would be reluctant to reschedule too! I’d probably not cancel and hope for the best. But I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.


I think our group has agreed to take the gamble and hope the payoff is lower crowds (or worst case - a very weird week in Orlando). I’m determined to get a Spaceship Earth ride in before the refurb.

We’ll make it fun no matter the outcome!


I wonder if they’ll continue working on projects like Avengers Campus and refurbishments? :thinking:

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I certainly hope so! This would be an ideal time to do maintenance on everything.


Same here

Precisely. We will be in Orlando no matter what. My trip starts this Saturday :pray:

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I am cancelling WDW but haven’t fone it yet…trip was supposed to start in 9 days…spent today indulgently going through the 5 stages of grief…don’t worry my 11 year old is the grown up in the situation and totally happy to spend vacation with her friends and dog knowing full well we will reschedule​:joy::joy::joy::joy: March 2021 here we come! (She says as she kicks something)


Ok my kid has been making me a scrapbook for our trip like the one I made her when she was 5!!! I am the luckiest mom around!!! Something to look at while we wait! She just showed it to me as we discussed truly cancelling!!!


It’s heartwrenching for all! Ugh, those memories of the scrap book must be making it all that more hard. I hope you can duplicate the trip you planned for this year.