Disneyland in January

Hi! I am planning to visit Disneyland Jan. 13-14. I was wondering if someone knew why it is showing as being above average for crowd levels. It is after the New Year and before MLK weekend. I would think that this should be a slow time.

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I looked at the calendar and I don’t see any clues why those days would have 5-8 level crowds. In 2019 on those days, TP predicted 5-6 and the actual crowds were 1s. So it’s possible that will happen again?

The crowd calendar predicts average wait times (not crowds per se) and incorporates vacation days from hundreds of school districts, obscure holidays, regional events, etc. So there may be something going on in the algorithm that is driving the higher predicted CLs. For example, it seems more schools start later in January these days.

Or it could just be an error / bug in the code. Or it could be due to a prediction of reduced capacity due to ride refurbishments, which often happen for Splash Mountain, etc. in January. This would result in longer waits for the other rides, and thus higher CLs (but not higher crowds).

Anyway, hope these random thoughts help. Mid January is a great time to go to Disneyland!

ETA: Rise of the Resistance is opening 1/17 at Disneyland, but it doesn’t seem to be having an impact on the crowd calendar. The 17th itself is only a 4.

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Thank you so much! This makes me feel better about picking this time!

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