Disneyland Hong Kong Closing...Again

So Disneyland Hong Kong is closing again a month after reopening. I guess all those sanitation and social distancing measures didn’t really pan out :wink: . I understand the park is closing again because of an uptick of virus cases in the area. I honestly don’t see how or why Disneyland California and Disney World should be open(ing). I know it’s all about money, but the COVID19 cases are surging pretty much everywhere in the U.S. especially Florida. I have a feeling WDW won’t be open for too long without them scaling back their operations or closing down again. I’ve said it in previous posts, it doesn’t matter what preventive measures you put in place, humans are going to be humans. Some will adhere to the new rules, but a lot will be like “I paid for this so I’m going to do what I want to do.” I really want to go especially with the crowds being restricted, but it’s just not worth the risk.


Disney closed because Hong Kong mandated closures again due to rising numbers in general, not because Disney itself was the cause of any increased spread. Disney didn’t choose to shut down again, and there is no evidence whatsoever that there has been any spread coming from there.


I agree about wanting to go b/c the crowds are restricted, but it not being worth the risk. If we were local I’d maybe consider it.

This statement is disingenuous to say the least… it’s a government mandated closure that affects many businesses and no case of Covid has been traced back to HKD.
You seem hell bent on predictions of doom and gloom. I sincerely doubt WDW would close again, just like I doubted that they wouldn’t open this year like some predicted…


Yeah I noted that it wasn’t because of Disney so CORRECT. I never said anything about a spread from Disney. Please do not put words into my text (mouth), haha.
Why does it seem people on these forums are so quick to put me in my place? I never said anything factually inaccurate. If you don’t like my post, then please do not respond.

I don’t know where you are coming from with that. I never claimed to know for fact that any of the Disney parks will be closing. I simply said “I have a feeling…” Please reread my post.
To the two Tinkerbells (@missoverexcited and @PrincipalTinker) that moderate these forums, do you see what I mean? I said nothing negative towards anyone nor claimed to have factual knowledge of the circumstances of the closings yet I’m being targeted again. I think everyone just needs to relax. I gave my opinion based on logic and common sense, not anything else. It was my opinion, and all opinions are subjective. Please don’t attack me for my opinion. Thank you, and have a great Disney Day.

Because you STRONGLY implied that the closure being mandated by the government was somehow due to Disney.

Oh come on. That was sarcasm, and you knew it. Just to make it absolutely clear, I went back and threw an emoji in there for you. :smile:

I didn’t know it was sarcasm, otherwise I wouldn’t have responded as I did.

My apologies if I misjudged you. But I still feel it was worth mentioning that the shutdown of Disneyland HK has absolutely nothing to do with the practices that Disney has in place (or the failure of them).

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Thanks for the tag @etrull77. I started tracking this thread right away to ensure I was fully aware of exactly what was being posted.


Hey, no harm done. I just wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding. It’s good to make it clear that the shutdown wasn’t the fault of Disney themselves. I should have been more precise. Thanks for doing that for me. Don’t you agree, though, that there will be people who will ignore the safety measures and put themselves and others at risk?

Yes, and no. Yes, there will be, but I think violators will be very minimal due to the level of enforcement Disney has been doing. From watching the live feeds across multiple days, plus the reports from VLOGGERS, so far, it seems almost no one has been ignoring the safety measures at this point.

I think there will be increased risk of this happening as people settle into the parks…but as long as Disney keeps on this like they have been, even then, I think the small number of violators wouldn’t be enough to raise my concerns.

Now, things might change if Disney decided to suddenly grow lax in their enforcement…but I just don’t see that happening while the rest of Florida is exploding with cases! :slight_smile:

The biggest factor is the CMs. They’re not quarantined or sealed within the bubble. Once they are off the clock they get to choose how much risk they are willing to take, just like the rest of us, and it’s hard to imagine that none of them will make less than cautious choices.

Sure, they’ll be temperature tested when they come to work, but A. asymptomatic carriers do not have a fever, and B. some of my friends who were sick took days to develop a fever after developing other symptoms and one even noted that her temperature was normal in the morning, and just climbed to the fever early each afternoon.


You can keep that heart. You earned it

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Counter offer: don’t post argumentative crap. We’re so quick to “put you in your place” because your posts, so far, have needed it because you’ve added really nothing to the forum. You’ve basically pissed on Touring Plans when the Genie was announced, you called everyone stupid - sorry, wouldn’t want to put words in your mouth - you said everyone “left their brains in fantasyland” for thinking Disney World was getting ready to open(when Disney World was, in reality, putting things in place to reopen and things were in motion), you’ve invited fellow forum members to “go ahead and eliminate themselves from the gene pool”, you’ve changed your avatar to a crossed out version of @PrincipalTinker(which, in normal internet understanding, means you want her removed as Mod or banned), and nearly all your posts come off as condescending, argumentative and/or abrasive, or you playing victim.

But yes, clearly it’s everyone else that is the problem. :thinking:

This thread is a perfect example of my point. @ryan1 and @ninjasherrie already explained why, and an “emoji” doesn’t absolve you or put the onus that the reader should have known you were being “sarcastic”.

Discussion is fine, but you don’t seem to be looking for that, you seem to be looking for vindication in that you are predicting a scenario and so if/when it happens you can sit there going “SEE! I TOLD YOU!”

Oh are we making stuff up now? Cool cool.

Disney will not be opening in May, in June, or in July.

Yup, that sure does look like an opinion. And one based on presented evidence and well established logic at that. (btw, THAT’S how you write sarcasm.)

And yet true logic, common sense, AND evidence all disagreed with your “opinion” that was clearly being passed off as fact. And for someone who claims we need to relax, none of us chose to redo our avatars to a crossed out version of a Mod’s – like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum.

Ultimately though, your “opinions” STILL were never the reason why you were running into “being targeted”, and I detailed why in the last thread, which you must’ve ignored or didn’t understand based on this thread.

TL;DR: try actually adding something to the forum instead of just condescending troll posts.

THIS is a good example of a good post. Do more of that.


Tiny violins.


Once I remember how to do it from my phone , I will lock this thread. If you think you can come to a productive, peaceful understanding I would suggest the great touring plans tools such as PM. I believe (I have never tried it) you might also be able to block posts from individual users in your settings.


I’ve offered him a few lately, darn it.

Don’t bother, I’ve said what needed to be said, I’m good and will leave the thread be. :slight_smile:

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