Disneyland Family Vacation starts tomorrow! (Now a trip report)

In roughly 24 hours my family (DW, DS5) and I will be landing at SNA for a full week in Anaheim. This will be our first Disney trip since Sep 2019, which was also DLR. And our first time ever experiencing the holidays at any Disney park.

Since it’s 7 nights, I booked a family suite at Camelot Inn & Suites. I think the

We have 5 day park hoppers and reservations for Sunday, Tuesday-Friday. Saturday afternoon/evening will be spent exploring Downtown Disney and the hotels. Monday is Knott’s Berry Farm. With 5 full park days I think we should have time to do and see almost everything. Some of the smaller things we missed last time are a priority for me on this trip (Mark Twain, canoes, monorail, Tom Sawyer Island, Dapper Dans). One twist is my DS18 will be joining us on the last two days after finishing his last final exam, so that will necessitate some repeating of popular rides. But as long as he gets his Star Wars and Marvel he will be happy.

I’ll try to add our tentative plans later, but first the questions…

  1. DW and I both have the DL app installed. Is it better to have both phones logged into the same account? Or individual accounts that are linked? Or no difference?

  2. What time should we arrive (using Harbor entrance) for rope drop?

  3. Are water filling stations available? Or just the free cups of water at counters?

  4. Does Oga’s allow people to bring in food (Ronto wraps) and drinks for kids (blue milk)?

  5. Similarly, is the piano player area at Refreshment Corner open for those getting food at Jolly Holiday or Little Red Wagon?

  6. What kind of wait should we expect to see Santa at Redwood Creek? :santa:

Thanks for the help! :european_castle:


Oga’s also has plenty of non-alcoholic drinks that can be fun and tasty. For example, the Carbon Freeze has a block of dry ice in a lower section of the glass to keep the drink fizzy, with green apple popping pearls (they have a fancy name I forget). It’s fun to look at.

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No difference. Just make sure that you have your entire family’s tickets linked on both accounts. (I think you do this by scanning each ticket or entering in its barcode number. There’s no automatic linking like with WDW’s MDE app.)

Generally I’d say 1 hour before official opening is great to give you time to go through security and tapstiles. No less than 30 minutes. I can’t recall if there is any early entry situation right now, but if there is, arrive at least 30 minutes before that. They have been letting people into the park early and holding you at ropes in front of the major lands / attractions.

Definitely can get free cups of water. I think I remember one water station by the SWGE bathrooms. Not sure where else.

I don’t think you can bring outside food or beverage in. But they do serve non-alcoholic beverages.

I don’t know this one - sorry.

I don’t know this either - my best guess would be 30 minutes but hopefully someone else knows.


Oh, and have a great time!


We ate our food there without issue a few weeks ago.

There is both. I cannot remember where they all are, but I do know that there are some in GE and Ranch Del Zocalo (the Mexican restaurant near BTMRR)



Awesome! Thanks!


Flight delayed 40 minutes but about to take off. Flying direct from DFW to SNA and then taking Lyft or Uber.

Plan for today is seeing the gingerbread house and tree at GCH, eating lunch at Black Tap (probably), and browsing some of the stores of DTD. DS5 will very likely end up with some Legos. Hoping for dinner and drinks later at Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sams. And early bedtime. DLR tomorrow!


Your plan for arrival day sounds perfectly fantastic and chill with just the right amount of things planned/not-planned!

@Jeff_AZ’s answers were all pretty spot-on, so all of what he said! Plus, where he was uncertain I knew a bit from our recent trips:

There isn’t any early entry situation for anyone, but I definitely agree no less than 30 minutes. OR wait until 45-60 min after opening. Anything within 30 minutes before or after opening is a loooonnng line.

Absolutely yes. The piano player is up on a little pedestal and the tables all around him are open for anyone to sit at and listen. We rarely eat at Casey’s but do sit at those tables at Refreshment corner often after getting any snack or meal from anywhere on Main Street/hub area. The tables are very limited in number though so if you specifically want a table for a specific time, I would add in some buffer time to scope for a table, especially if the time is close to peak lunchtime/midday.

We wandered into Redwood Creek just before noon one of our days and the line looked to be at least 30-45 min. But we didn’t ask so it could’ve been shorter. We weren’t interested in spending any time to wait for a pic with Santa, we just wanted to walkthrough the Challenge Trail (one of my kids’ faves). The app shows that he meets as early as 9:00am so I would go as close to 9 for a hopefully shorter wait.


This is an amazing list! I only knew about Rancho & Red Rose Tavern and two of the GE ones. Nice to know there’s a couple more to leverage.

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Black Tap had a pretty long line, so we went to Naples instead. I feel like that worked out well. Lots of good burgers available in the parks, but not so much for good pizza.

We shared the margherita pizza and were also ready for a drink or two. DW got the mule flight and I went for the rum flight. Why not? We’re on vacation!

Son thought the big tree and gingerbread house at GCH were cool but they were quickly overshadowed by the Star Wars Trading Post. Managed to not buy anything yet.

Now resting at the room. The family suite at Camelot is HUGE. Basically two rooms but one bathroom. We’re on the top floor (5th) with a view of both the Matterhorn and some real mountains. Clean, comfortable, and spacious. Very happy so far.


Sounds like a good start! We were happy with Camelot as well. Although we went with adjoining rooms rather that the suite just for the second bathroom, but we were 4 adults and two teenagers. I loved the ease to McDonald’s and Panera for breakfast and a late night snack.


Successful rope drop executed. McMuffins and coffee consumed. Ready for Peter Pan.


Today has gone swimmingly. Taking a break at the hotel now. We rode everything at Fantasyland and Toon Town, plus Haunted Mansion, Mark Twain, and Thunder Mountain.

Sat outside at Carnation Cafe for lunch while catching the band and Dapper Dans. Then happened to be on Main Street while a bunch of characters go by. Not the full blown parade but fun.

Not completely necessary but Genie+ made rides things easy. Used for Matterhorn, HM, and BTM. Also have two sets of “any time” LL for later thanks to grabbing ones that were down temporarily.


Yesterday was a pretty laid back day at Knott’s. No agenda.

Back at it today…


:sparkling_heart: Now that’s a smile!! :blush: Enjoy your day. I love Disneyland in the rain. We’d sit at the covered patio at Pizza Planet and just sit and listen to the rain.


And I love Knotts at Christmas time! Or just anytime. Camp Snoopy is the cutest :heart_eyes:


We did great, but ROTR was closed. So turned and went to MF. Back in line for a second run, since this queue is nice and dry.

Rise, POTC, JC, BTM, and Pooh all closed currently. That was most of our morning plan, so we will need to improvise.

Hopping to DCA this afternoon. Dinner at Lamplight Lounge.


Note: not using G+ today.