Disneyland Dining ADR time?

I’ve checked back a few times already and still nada. It’s possible though, so I’ll keep looking. It’s showing positively no availability for sunday night which seems a little strange because there were multiple options on friday, saturday well after 9am (6a pacific) when I checked yesterday and Monday.

Private event maybe?

Definitely keep checking.


I think that they haven’t opened the reservations yet, because I went in and tried to get a dinner reservation anywhere and none are available.


Has anyone else been attempting this lately? My 60 day window just opened :star_struck: so I checked the two restaurants I was considering for the first day in the park. This was at 6:45am pacific time. Did they start opening these earlier? Or still random?

Carnation Cafe was already showing very limited availability for lunch. For a table of 3 it was initially only showing breakfast available, but when I checked back a few minutes later there was one for the early lunch window. 11:40 isn’t ideal but grabbed it for now.

I also got what appeared to be the last Cafe Orleans available time between 5 and 7. 5:20 again is a little early but I’ll take what I can get.

I plan to try both of those again Friday for day 2 at DLR and cancel one of the day 1 options. Let me know if someone is looking and wants to time that.

I was able to make mine mostly without issue, day by day.

But as easy as it was to secure Napa Rose on Saturday evening, it was much less easy to do so for Sunday evening (our preferred day to enjoy this dinner). I did take what I could get for that day (reserving the Saturday as well for now), and have been attempting numerous times a day to modify without success.

Of note, I nearly forgot about reserving for Ogas and when I remembered to do so there was only ONE single solitary time slot in all of our 4 days there. I snagged it but have been trying to modify that as well as it is not ideal either but have also been unsuccessful with that.

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Keep checking, especially the day before and day of. They tend to pop up.

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I just don’t want to keep holding on to the other one unnecessarily. I hate doing that.

Actually, I think I’ll cancel the Sunday (because there’s no way I’m using that time slot) and I will modify off of the Saturday (which we can live with)

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