Disneyland Chinese New Year Celebration

With today being the Chinese Lunar New Year, I read the recent blog post with some interest. How many days is the celebration and when is it in comparison to the actual day? 2017 New Year is on January 28, and I’d love to arrange that our visit there will include those days.

Thanks for your help, Liners!

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This year it was Feb 5-8 (http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/01/happy-lunar-new-year-celebration-returns-to-disney-california-adventure-park-3/)

Mulan’s Processional was awesome, we went a second time to get a better view.


Hey @disneybroadwayfan! Chinese New Year is an awesome time to go!! I highly recommend trying enjoying it if you get the chance to be there for it. A little warning though, they don’t plan (or at least don’t announce their plan) until about 30-40 days before, which for a planner can get frustrating.

We went last year and I spent about 3 months stalking DL’s calendar & calling/chatting randomly with reps trying to figure out when they would schedule & watched the event page get changed a week into January from saying “end of January” to “sometime in February” and every time I called/chatted was directed back to the event page. Until that magical day, it finally appeared around 30 days before they had the event. Which ended up being scheduled for just 3 days right around the Chinese New Year. This year it was a similar deal (we didn’t go out for it this year, but I was loosely following to see if it would work for a quick weekend trip). Next year it looks like the New Year falls on Sat Jan 28, 2017 so if you can plan to be there that weekend you should be able to sync it up :slight_smile:

Best of luck & happy planning!!!

Thanks for all of that information! I really hope they do it again… REALLY want to do this!