Disneyland Castle Refurbishment

I am going to Disneyland April 27th-29th and am trying to figure out what the castle is going to look like. I called Disney and one gal said it was going to be partially covered until May 22nd but talked to another gal and she said they were completely done with any refurbishments for this year (including anything for the Diamond Celebration) and her coworker just went this week and it was reopened from the refurbishments earlier this year. Does anyone have any idea if it is going to be covered up again before May 22nd? I’ll just be devastated if it’s covered on our trip but it will be easier to take if I’m mentally prepared!! Thanks!

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They’ve been adding decor to the castle the last few days. https://twitter.com/touringplans/status/578978121338134529 They may cover it back up to finish in early May but just don’t know. Mouseplanet and Mice Chat has weekly updates that you can follow.