Disneyland at Easter - Customised plan times unrealistic?

Hi everyone
My husband and I are going to Disneyland this Easter.
Crowd level is predicted to be 9 on Thursday 24th March when we are planning on visiting Disneyland - I’ve made a plan with all the attractions we want to see (keeping in mind we are also going to WDW a month later and have deleted some attractions from DL due to predicted crowds).
We will be utilizing Early entry (7am-8am) which is available to us however our plan has us arriving at 7am and done by 11am!
I don’t quite believe the wait times, especially seeing that the predicted crowd level will be at its busiest!
What does everyone think? And any feedback regarding our plan would be greatly appreciated.


My “gut feeling” is that these times are way too low. 5 min for BTMRR? 4 min for SM? Yet it’s 22 for Matterhorn 4 min after EE RD? I also thing the walking times are a bit unrealistic.

A lot of DLR crowd concerns hinge on LA school schedules. If the schools are in session the week you’re visiting, it may not be too bad, but if they are off, then the numbers on your TP seem WAY off.

@len - does the algorithm take into account “movable” holidays such as Easter, or is it strictly a statistical model based on calendar dates?

It definitely takes movable holidays in to account, and Easter’s the easiest one.

The crowd level will probably be a 10, not a 9. We’ve underpredicted DL by an average of 1 point for something like 32 of the 39 days so far this year. The models need to catch up with the closed rides’ impact on the other attractions. That should be done soon.

@carlaandrupert - I looked at your plan and it seems reasonable. You’re arriving very early and have Fastpasses for Space and Indiana Jones. Worst-case scenario is it takes you 15 minutes or so longer to complete that plan.

If you’d like me to have Guy, our Disneyland guy, test this plan for you in the park, I can. He can report back with results. Again, I’m pretty sure this will work, but if it’ll make you feel better about the data, I’m happy to do it.


I took a look too and the wait times for the attractions that I am familiar with it seems very reasonable. Mostly because you’ll be up early and such a small portion of the day’s crowds are willing to get up & go that early. I love it!

That being said, the only thing I am concerned about is you have Roger Rabbit’s 3rd during EE. In my experience the last 2 years going with small kids who love to go for Toon Town opening, Toon Town hasn’t ever been open that early, usually opening an hour after park opening which would be 2 hours after EE. Maybe the fact that it’s a holiday week changes that? I haven’t ever followed Easter week to know if that’s how it works, but I’m confident that the software has factored that consideration. If it were me I would just double check with Disney’s calendar once they release the schedule at around 6 weeks out which should be any day now!

Thanks bswas26, len & lolabear_la for your responses!

len - Thanks for your offer of having our plan tested however I’m sure it will be fine! We’ve allocated the whole day to DL so even if there’s an added 10 minutes here or there we will survive :smile:

lolabear_la thanks for the heads up about Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin - if it’s not opened yet we can come back to it later in the day. I think we would make up the time riding Big Thunder instead a few times as it will be closed at WDW when we go a month later

Would anyone suggest starting an hour later? We’re not really early risers however would get there at 7am granted lines were ridiculously short. We would probably go for 4 hours, leave the park for lunch/nap/pool and brave the crowds again later on.

Thanks again

Do NOT go an hour later! Granted it was a very low crowd Sunday AM, but last time I did a 7:00 EE I did PP, Snow White, Pinocchio, Mr. Toad, Dumbo, Teacups, Matterhorn (x2) and Buzz, and had a FP for SM all in the first hour. By the end of the second hour I had dome SM (Halloween), HM (Halloween), Splash, and BTMRR…

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I second the motion to show up for 7am! You will get far more done and then you will be leaving for your break as all the late-comers fill up the park so you will be missing the least optimal touring time. Coming back later in the afternoon you will be much better equipped to handle the 10 evening crowds!

ok great
Thanks everyone for your feedback and advice! We will definitely be there for the 7am opening :smile:
Can’t wait !!