Disney World vs Land

I’m sure it’s been asked a million times, but how do you decide which Disney to visit? We live in OK, so equidistant traveling. We have been to DW twice but never DL. We have twin 9 year olds, twin 7 year olds, a 3 year old and the baby will be one soon. DH thinks we would be disappointed going to CA after DW twice. I think since we might have less help than the last trip it might be nice and easier to do stuff in.
Opinions? We want to avoid crowds and as much heat as possible, so that will factor in immensely. If you advise Disneyland, how many days would you factor in? Worth adding a couple days for Univeral Hollywood?
Thanks friends!

Much less walking at DL and some of the rides are much better. That said WDW really has a"bubble " feeling that I miss at DL. DL in much smaller and compact, we are happy with 4-5 days in DL but need 10-12 in WDW. So if we have the time, energy and $$$ WDW it is, for a tighter budget and schedule we head to DL.


Pretty much agree with the poster above me, although I think you can have a great DL trip in 3-5 days, but need a minimum of 6 for WDW. As for Universal Hollywood, they are opening Harry Potter this spring (already exists at Universal Orlando) which will make things much much much busier.

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For your first time at DL, especially with the younger kids, I wouldn’t plan anything less than 4 days. We don’t ever venture to Universal Hollywood (because I would always rather be in DL that extra day), but I hear good things about being able to do it a day. I was just so bored the last time I went (2003 as a teenager) so I haven’t ever really wanted to go back. Harry Potter world will change that for sure. If your kids like Harry Potter I would consider it. If not skip it.

Both WDW and DL have so much to offer so honestly it’s a matter of price, planning & preference. I would price it out & decide from the price if I lived in the middle. Also important to know, planning them will be entirely different. WDW will need 180 advance planning for the tough ADRs and 60 days (or 30 if staying offsite) planning in advance for Fastpasses. DLR on the other hand you can pretty much decide 30 days before that you want to go & get everything planned. We rarely plan a DLR trips more than 30 days out but for our first WDW trip in April we already have dining planned & have started looking at plans for Fastpasses. So two totally different experiences, both have been enjoyable so far ot me but I love the planning part of it.

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