Disney World Plan review request

Okay. Admittedly, it isn’t really a thrill ride. But, for us, the ride adds to the magic for the following reasons:

  1. It gives you a grand tour of Tomorrowland.
  2. In doing so, it also kind of envelopes you a little bit into the world of Tomorrowland to actually be a place in and of itself, rather than simply a themed area.
  3. It is a respite from the sun and walking if you go later in the day.
  4. If you don’t go later, but first thing, I still go back to number 1. Getting an opportunity for the birds eye view of things, including entering into Space Mountain, etc., is just cool.
  5. As a kid (and with my own kids) when they are young, it is just enough to be thrilling, etc.
  6. You get a secret view of Walt Disney’s original model for Epcot. (In one stretch you actually pass by a glassed in case housing the original model.)

Oh hey, does anyone know if the Plans take into account alternate modes of transportation like the train or the monorail?

Not really. You can only make plans for one park at a time.

But there’s the train that takes you to/from Frontierland and Fantasyland?

I believe Touring Plans presumes you’re riding the Train as a ride and doing a complete circuit of the park in its estimates rather than riding it as a means to get from Frontierland to Fantasyland. We prefer to ride the Train as a means to get to the other side of the park when it’s convenient though, but your Touring Plan likely won’t reflect that wish…


I was trying to reply exactly what @Damavs said.

I sometimes used the train as a way to get around the parade also.

If you are already having to talk her into HM, then I absolutely recommend skipping the stretching room. It scared all three of my kids (10, 7, 6) and my 6 year old lost his mind. Next time we went, I asked the cast member who let us in if we could skip it and she creepily took us through a door which led to the ride. So glad I did this as I love that ride!

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@ryan1 is spot on! The People Mover is an absolutely must for our crew each time we go to Disney. All of us love it and it is a ride that we all talk about looking forward to once we get back. It is good in the day and even better at night. Plus, wait times are almost always low if any wait at all. Don’t miss out on it!

I didn’t even know this was an option!! The stretching room was definitely my biggest concern and knowing I could ask to skip it is awesome! Thank you!!

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