Disney World Plan review request

Could you Disney experts take a look at my plan? Taking a 5 yo for the first time for 3 days. Second day is ending early because we’re planning to return to the resort (Pop Century) early to rest up for going to see Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. First day is starting a little late because we’ll be checking out of an Orlando timeshare and taking an Uber over to drop off our bags at Pop Century and then taking a bus from there to the park.

I think I overpacked the schedule, but, by and large, I don’t feel the need to check off everything on it either, so I’m hoping to be able to adjust as we go. Also, I’m thinking anything that gets missed at the first day of Magic Kingdom I’ll be able to make up at MNSSHP.

Day 1: Magic Kingdom: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3190782
Day 2: Hollywood Studios: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3205757
Day 3: Epcot: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3196507

Thanks in advance!

check your url on day 2. it says no access to plan. Looks pretty good to me (day 1 and day 3). but epcot day for Garden Grill, I’d plan on more than 45 minutes.

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Oops! Fixed! Thank you! What do you think is an appropriate amount of time to allot for Garden Grill?

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at least an hour, but for character meal most suggest 90. and only 45 minutes for meal on day 2. 45 minutes for most TS restaurants is probz on low side. However, I see that for day 2 and day 3 meals, you don’t have anything immediately after either meal, so that’s good. you may just have less free time before illuminations and leave the park later on day 2 after meal

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You do not have in your MK plan Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover,. For us, it is an absolute must do, particularly for younger kids. Wondering if you could squeeze that in before or after the Astro Orbiter.

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What I’ll probably do is swap that in for The Haunted Mansion if The Haunted Mansion doesn’t actually happen. I’ve been trying to talk my 5yo into HM for a while now, but she’s really in a “scared of everything” phase right now, so there’s a fair-to-middlin chance I’ll have to yank it. :frowning:

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I am in the same boat! My daughter is the same age, and while she’s tall enough to ride most of the rides, I’m afraid she’ll freak out on them. I think I’d rather have her just refuse to get in line! But I think we’ll have plenty to keep her occupied either way :smile:

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one last thing…and truly just my opinion…you know you can get into mnsshp at 4 and there is so much to do. With a little, I might opt to skip TS meal in HS and get back to hotel earlier for a rest before party. …but I know, it’s hard to cut out items on list. I’d opt to get to mnsshp and maybe leave after 1st parade especially with an early start again next morning
Aren’t you glad you asked ;/

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There’s actually a 11:35 lunch that I’m actually planning on swapping the reservation for, but it’s overlapping with an Akersus Princess Breakfast reservation that I had when I’d originally planned on doing Epcot on day 2. I offered to coordinate the cancellation of the reservation over on the DIS forum, so it’s just sitting there in my way right now :slight_smile:

But in theory, with that in that time slot, I’ll be able to leave earlier. Still not sure we’ll try to get back to mnsshp at 4, but we can play that by ear.

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I like your Epcot plan, but do you really tend to do Mission Space Orange? Green maybe, Orange with a 5 year old - not sure that’s adviseable!

For MK, I’m not sure you’ll drag her away off TSI after 30 minutes. There are several caves/tunnels to explore, plus the fort and the escape tunnel (that is dark by the way, you might not want to do that if she’s scared) and/ or the barrel bridge back. I lost my boys for at least an hour in the fort, while I did a walk through and then sat and waited. I’d plan an hour, and then go to the FP.

I love the treehouse, it really is a cool place for a 5 year old, but that’s going to be a squeeze unless they don’t enjoy TSI. It’s cool in the evening though, great views over MK.

Also if you catch Gaston at the Tavern, that’s good for laughs, even just watching him. Don’t miss the wishing well and Cindy’s fountain either.

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LOL, the Mission Space: Orange is for me. I plan on having her over at the Advanced Space Training Lab while I’m there, but you can’t overlap events on the Plans, so I just figured I’d put in the one that I knew had scheduling issues :slight_smile:

I just threw TSI on as a lark to fill up the day. It’s going to be the first thing I remove when timing starts getting tight. First I’ve heard about the wishing well and Cindy’s fountain. Have to look into those!

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Good call about Tom Sawyer’s Island. You can easily spend 2 hours there with kids who like adventure. You might not even want to go there at all if it means missing out how things like The PeopleMover! :slight_smile:

Gaston is a blast to watch! Actually, it is the kids who try to put Gaston in his place. Probably the absolute best Character meet and greet to watch!

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NThe wishing well is behind the castle. As you walk through it to FL, there’s a path to the right.

The drinking fountain is a kinda neat trick, whereby if you bend down to drink and look up, the perspective changes. No spoilers!

Maybe substitute Jungle Cruise for TSI then. Any reason Pirates isn’t on there?

TSI is great as a “ calm down” break. A fab adventure playground, but in my experience it needs a real draw to get them off it and back to the park. I used it when after the parade when the rest of the day was flexible, maybe just an ADR later.

Keep in mind, I’ll have the MNSSHP to get anything we missed! So one way or another, we’ll catch the PeopleMover! :slight_smile:

Okay. Just as long as you don’t miss the PeopleMover.

(Can you tell we love the PeopleMover?)


Pirates isn’t on there mostly because of the “Afraid of everything” issue and I just don’t have enough personal fond memories to make it a priority. Also, it can be pretty busy, so unless I managed to snag a same-day FP for it, I feel like it’ll be too much of a time-suck. I’m thinking if we have time I’ll see if we can make it happen during MNSSHP. “Afraid of everything” is also a concern with the Jungle Cruise because of the dark cave you go into during that ride. :roll_eyes:

and I think I heard that at mnsshp there are live pirates in PoTC. Nothing worse than scaring a kid at WDW. Happend to us years ago with our then Ds5 and honey I shrunk the audience. …didn’t want to take him but DH insisted DS would enjoy…Not no, but heck no

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The PeopleMover was my revelation during our last trip.

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I tried to talk to my wife about adding the PeopleMover to our itinerary. She had one question; “Why?” lol

So sell us on this thing :slight_smile:

Because the People Mover is awesome!

It’s a relaxing tour of Tomorrow Land with nice views of the castle. It seldom has a wait so it is often effectively a walk-on. You get to sit down, it offers some air conditioning and gives you some interesting views of Space Mountain & Buzz. Definitely worth doing. Great if you need to kill a little time waiting on a Buzz or Space FP or just need to relax a little - we always want to ride at least once, often more, but we skip it if there’s actually a queue and catch it later…

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