Disney World/Land cartoons

An odd question but one I thought someone with a better knowledge of Disney cartoons than I may be able to answer. I wondered if there have been any animations/cartoons produced by Disney that feature for eg. Mickey visiting aspects of the park(s)?

Those of you that know me or that have answered other questions of mine in the past will know that my sister lost her husband recently and I am trying to be the best uncle possible and am paying for my young niece and nephew (and my sister of course) to make their first trip to WDW in hope to bring some smiles to some faces after a tough year or so.

Being that the kids are both very young (2 and 4), I wondered if there was any cartoons etc. that I could try and find for my sister that she could play to the kids to get their excitement for the parks flowing. Maybe it doesn’t exist!! but I thought I would ask you guys and see if their is a hidden gem somewhere!!!

Love to you all as always



I hope someone can help! We watched a lot of Disney animated feature films and classic Mickey cartoons to prepare, so my boys knew who the characters were. We also watched a few YouTube videos of the old Magical World of Disney show.

There are also YouTube videos of attractions. Younger kids sometimes feel less anxious if they see what rides are like before doing them. This worked especially well for Haunted Mansion for my (then) 6-year-old.

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The You tubes clips are a great idea…gives them a great idea what to expect both for the rides and cartoons. Hope they all really have a magical time :smile::smile:

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What a wonderful thing you are doing. Disney send out a free video guide if you sign up on their website. or at least they did a few years ago. I also tried to have the kids watch some movies ahead of time so they’d know who the characters were. One trip I found a tour book with pictures at the library. I’m sure there are tons of pictures online too. and we watched YouTube videos too, especially when I wasn’t sure if it was something they’d want to do or not.

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There are a few youtube videos of a host going through some of the attractions (I saw one yesterday, “must do disney” or something like that), but it was pretty basic and I doubt any child would find it all that much entertaining. But that’s about all I’ve ever seen that’s present day.

A LONG LONG time ago, there was a video (I vaguely remember) of live characters from the park (who didn’t talk of course) going through some of the rides, but I can’t give you any details beyond that, might’ve even been a commercial or something. I just remember Goofy in line with Mickey and Donald and then they were on a roller coaster.

I would love to see Disney put forth something that is what you’re after though. I think it could be a really cool short animation (or collection of them), and, as one grows up watch to see how close they got the ride right.

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I think that’s a great idea…

and as many of the movies as you can! There’s a suggested movie list around, let me see if I can find it!
Obviously Dumbo and Peter Pan are on it :smile:

Yes, I have been trying to have (force!) them to watch as many Disney movies and things as possible before we go. I am pretty sure the cartoon I was looking for only exists in our imaginations but I just wanted to put it out there, it wouldnt have been the first time I was surprised and something I though wouldnt exist at Disney actually was available!!

@SallyEppcot old Magic World of Disney show is a great shout!!

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Not character based, but have you ordered the free Disney vacation DVD? Has a lot of short info clips, some of which you might think useful.

You might try to get a hold of “Disneyland Around The Seasons” - while a super-dated 1966 show, I always loved those growing up when shown in reruns on Sunday night TV.

Also, there’s a 2010 show called “Disney Parks - Season 1” (don’t know if there was more than 1 season) that has tours of the parks. Episodes:
1: Animal Kingdom
2: Disneyland Resorts: Behind the Scenes
3: Ultimate Disney World
4: Undiscovered Disney Parks
5: Disney Cruise Line
6: Walt Disney World Resort: Behind The Scenes

Not sure how much of each kids aged 2 and 4 might find interesting, but you could pick and choose sections.

My local library offers free online access to “Hoopla Digital” and has those last 2 shows available online - perhaps your library has access as well?

They’re live-action, not cartoon, but also check out the “Sing-Along Songs” series. Some of the titles, especially the older ones, are filmed in and around the parks and resorts. (“Beach Party” uses the water parks and the resorts in the Epcot and MK areas; “Campout” is filmed entirely at Fort Wilderness; one whose title I can remember is shot inside Disneyland).

Kids & characters singing the songs and going through the areas They may be out of date, but close enough to get the flavor.

These are what I was going to recommend. There’s a Disneyland one you can find on YouTube easily.

Not a cartoon, but another good video idea for getting excited is “Must do Disney” with Stacey. Look for the most recent one you can find on youtube.

I’m pretty much a classic Disney animation fanatic, and as far as I know,there has never been an animated short that takes place at either park. There have been many videos of park characters riding the rides.

I FOUND ONE!! Well, kind of!!..and I still havent been able to find a copy of it anywhere…but still, The Muppets did a special called ‘The Muppets at Walt Disney World’ which aired in the 90’s. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it could be fun. Now I just need to find a copy of it!!..

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That sounds awesome!

I bought one at Toys-R-Us-it was a Disney sing a long and featured the characters singing and dancing through the park.

I looked on Youtube, but Disney has had it pulled. This annoys me. I appreciate copyright laws, and get pissed at people who view piracy as an “accepted” alternative to buying something. But a bad video copy of a 26 year old TV special that is not currently available (and is very likely to NEVER be available) for purchase just seems to be petty for a corporation as big as Disney.

Yeah, agreed…I very much doubt Disney will be using a video featuring a look around their park from 26 years ago as a promotional or retail venture anytime soon/ever…why not just let it be!

I am scouring Ebay and other places to try and find a copy!!! If I do…you are all invited to come and watch it at my place anytime!! :smiley:

I have a copy of The Muppets at Walt Disney World!! Dont ask me how I managed to come across this relic but I found it!! The show is very dated but I loved it nevertheless! Not sure my neice and nephews eyes will be able to ajust to watching something not in HD, my wife waled in while I was watching and asked 'Is there something wrong with the TV? Its all blurry!). I explained to her that it wasnt blurry…this was 1990’s VHS!

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