Disney World is boring …

… is what I would have said on opening day.

I was just looking up the OG attractions and it’s a pretty weak line-up.

It didn’t get a thrill ride till 1975 (Space Mountain) and it was another five years (nearer six, actually) until BTMRR.


And the characters were the stuff of nightmares :grimacing:


In large part you are likely just jaded by the veritable plethora of exciting ride options you now have. If you had never really been to a theme park, then the drop at Pirates is fairly exciting. Besides with your ticket book, you could only ride a couple of E ticket attractions anyway…


Nothing like taking something out of historical context …

That’s like saying a black and white tv would have been boring if you traveled back in time to the 1940s … but to people who bought their first TV back then, it was very exciting (at least that’s what my parents have said).

And I loved AOL dial-up access to the internet in the early 90s … waiting a few minutes for each new webpage to load. Sounds awful now.


Oh dial up was the most exciting thing ever!

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Sometimes people say they wish they could go back in time to when the parks were in their golden age or whatever, and it would be cool to have fewer crowds and to observe history.

But yeah, Disney gets better with each new attraction. I would be sad to go back even 20 years ago and miss Pandora, Galaxy’s Edge, 7DMT, the Skyliner, Cosmic Rewind, etc. etc. It was good at the time, but now that I know what I’d be missing, I prefer the present (and future) to the past.


Have any of them seen photos? It was always crowded :rofl: (in general, I know there were always slower times)


Having been to WDW many times since 1980, the only time I felt crowds were noticeably really low for most of my trip was fall 2009 (the depth of the housing crisis).


I was never bored during my first visit to WDW in 1976. I wish it was as exciting now as it was back then.


Also, July 2020. Most amazing, empty trip ever! Yay for a pandemic.


I was one of those people staying away from February 2020 to May 2022.


Not me. We went many times during that time period, and never got covid. I am a nurse so get exposed at work more than anywhere else I think.


Yeah, but what did it cost back then (accounting for inflation)?

I might be willing to concede that the overall attraction roster is better now than ever, but I would actually kill another human being to go back to late 80s/early 90s EPCOT.


This is the one exception, although I do think a lot of the offerings now are better, just we’re missing some amazing classic attractions. I’d also love to ride Adventures through Inner Space at Disneyland.


To be fair, in 1972 the giant slide at Detroit’s Belle Isle park made $90k, at 15 cents per ride. Back then it didn’t even launch unsuspecting riders into the air like it did this year. I’m thinking your average person had a much different expectation when it comes to thrills.

  • Disney World (Disneyland) was originally meant to be a place where parents could take their very young kids. Walt saw a need there, that was missing from other places.

  • It was meant to be a relaxing place that grandpa and grandma could take their grandkids too. Not too relaxing today eh, with all the extra planning and complications. :confused:

  • I’ll bet the average guest age used to be higher too. Wait til you get old @mousematt and can’t handle the thrill rides. You’ll be happy for the lame attractions. :wink:

  • People demand new and exciting things. Compare Disney to a new tech gadget or IPhone. I guess you could call us privileged or demanding. Each next generation is forcing Disney to change more from what it was.


Great, now all I’ve learned from this thread is that Disney World sucked back then and it sucks now too – just for different reasons.


I would exchange the new experiences for the old EPCOT in a heartbeat. I have just watched EPCOT slowly lose its vision as the years passed. The new revitalization had given me hopes…until they kind of backtracked on much of that as well.

But, going back in time is out if the question until I get my Flux Capacitor working…so I will just look forward to what new experiences I can! GotG and Remy are new, at least. But I will admit I keep wishing they would bring back Soarin’ over California, and the old Test Track, and the old Life Pavillion, and Communicore, and…


What, exactly, was that vision?