Disney World for the less enthusiastic

Had an interesting conversation with my husband this morning about our upcoming trip. He is still viewing it as my vacation idea that he has conceded to. I know he has it in him to enjoy Disney (he loved Frozen and Moana after all) but it just doesn’t come to him naturally. He didn’t grown up with the obsession level of love for Disney that I grew up with. He also only went to magic kingdom once when he was about 7 (we are 31 now) and doesn’t really remember it.

I’m looking for ideas on how to get him excited and how to make sure he has as comfortable and as enjoyable an experience as possible (keeping in mind we are going for a week in June)

A few ideas already in motion:

He loves golf so I’m giving him the afternoon off on MK day to play at the Palm course and on DHS day to play Oak Trail.

We are both foodies so are definitely doing one signature dining option each day - California Grill or Narcoosee’s on one day, Spice Road Table at Epcot, Brown Derby at DHS, and Tiffins at AK

for AK and DHS I booked the dining package so that we can have a more comfortable night show experience.

We are planning a day at Universal since we both love Harry Potter.

Anyone have any other tips or suggestions for how to boost the excitement and plan for a great time? Would love to know how others prep their less enthusiastic travel companions :slight_smile:

My husband was the same way until he got there and saw / felt “the magic” :blush: He love eating at California grill , yachtmans steakhouse, swimming with the kids , and most of all watching the expression on their faces. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Focus on things u can enjoy together. That’s what vacation is all about :heart:

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I am in kind of the same boat with DW; I’m Disney obsessed and would at least once a year. About once every 5 years is about all I can talk her into, so I try to squeeze a solo trip in between. When I go solo I do RD to closing, sometimes with hopping, almost every day. I understand that she doesn’t have that stamina, so I make our trips together more about her needs and desires.

Before I read what you had already done, those were the exact recommendations I was going to make. When DW and I go together it is completely understood between us that splitting up is perfectly OK. If she feels like sleeping in, I go for RD and she joins me later for lunch. If she gets tired, she’ll go back to the resort and I’ll come back before we go to dinner (except for EP, all of our dinners were later at one of the resort signatures, after we had finished touring).

I also plan at least one (two if we’re staying for 7 days) no-park days. We use it to relax, enjoy the resort, or maybe check out one of the other resorts.

Spice Road is good, but as one serious “foodie” to another, Monsieur Paul in France may have the best food in WDW outside of V&A. Le Cellier also has excellent steaks.

I also work hard to minimize the lines as much as possible. I do this anyway, but try harder when DW is with me. I have also found that if a line is much longer than predicted, if it’s not a ride that DW especially wants to do, I’ll skip it. I find flexibility and being able to read her mood at any given point in time is key to both of us having fun.

Although it’s pricey, if he is an animal lover, Wild Africa Trek is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done at WDW. If you decide to do it, especially in June, book the earliest tour that you can; it’s a fair amount of walking and can get very hot mid day - and then you’ll have the rest of the day for the rest of AK.

Happy to answer any specific questions that might have.


Try to understand your and his touring styles, and try to do mostly things that you both like. For instance, what walking speed do you like? What are your energy levels? Who is a morning person/night owl? Do you both like “wild” rides, or are there ones someone avoids? Does he have any favorite movies/characters/themes that might have attraction or dining tie-ins?
I have learned over the years that my DH and I have very different styles, yet we can make WDW enoyable for both of us. When I have solo time, I can “knock myself out” doing a lot, and ones he wouldn’t do. When together, I slow down and do things we both like. Plus, he has lots of patience and is very willing to rest a bit/people watch/get a treat while I do a wild ride. I try not to overwhelm him with my enthusiasm, and take a gentler approach when talking about WDW (small doses). I have learned to curb my expectations and know that there can be future trips to do the missed things.


My husband says he has a good time at Disney but it wouldn’t be his first choice. I don’t push touring too hard with him. I determine my must do list and anything else is icing on the cake.


Honestly, your luckier than I am. wDW is pretty much my husbands idea of hell…kids, strollers, crowds, heat, pools, rides., lines, people. There is nothing about it he’s looking forward too. But I need another parent and my kids of course want their Dad there so he’s just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. I’m considering popping a xanex in his coffee every morning :wink::thinking: good luck. I hope you all have fun.



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If you guys are foodies, then print out the menus for the restaurants that you plan to visit. It always gets us excided about our trip. Maybe a history book on the planning of WDW.

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I think you have a great plan. I was your hubby. I did not get why we had to do this Disney thing. That was 2007 and I have been four times since and can’t wait to go again. If he loved Frozen and Moana I think he will “get it” when he walks into MK.

I agree with @bswan26 about Spice Road. I think I would choose France over that. Even if you decide to do Chefs de France over Monsieur Paul. One of these times, though Monsieur Paul it will be.

@donald263 idea of printing the menus is a great. I have done that for myself or have him look at the menus.

I just needed to actually experience to see what I was missing. Good luck I am sure it will be fabulous.


Thanks so much for the input! I love the suggestion of Monsieur Paul too. Had initially gone the route of Spice Road with hopes that we would be able to snag a table with a view of Illuminations, but I’ll print the menus and let him choose between Moroccan food with the potential for “crowd-less” fireworks or what sounds to be a superior food option at an earlier time with fireworks after.

Mine is like yours. I do try to find things he may like so he enjoys something and isn’t a grump and sighing the entire time.

We are switching when we visit to a cooler time, which may help.

Also weaving in non-Disney trips that he specifically wants.


I’m that unenthusiastic guy as well, who went to Disney last month to appease the rest of the family.

Appreciate that your husband is going along on this trip, and don’t even bother trying to convert him. Try to find the things he won’t mind doing, and schedule the things he hates for a time when you are solo.

Find ways to tone down the mouse (don’t stay in a Little Mermaid room) and spend time together each day where the focus is on each other, not Disney.


I think this topic should be a book! There are many families with similar situations and the theme would make a great on going discussion I hope others keep responding.

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My DH is the same, though maybe worse. We have done trips where I go with the kids for several days, then he joins us for only 2 days at the end. We let him do his thing and we do ours. He has some favorite restaurants that we go to. He likes a few rides. I’ve just had to be ok with the fact that I love it, and he doesn’t. We did one trip where we went to Uni for a few days, then stayed one night at BC before going home. We just did the pool for the day and dinner at Saana. He seemed to enjoy that since there was no crowded park involved.

Just wanted to say thanks - only read 1/2,way through this thread beef I began to feel quite lucky / blessed / thankful that DH & I are on the same wavelength as a general rule in many areas of life, including WDW. I’m probably a bit more fanatical but he is the one who decided we were due a trip to the world - I was happily planning a US trip to finally go see WWoHP and !BAM! He booked us a week this fall… of course I’m now obsessively planning it while he relaxes & waits to reep the fruits of my labor LOL


Seriously! My husband got a bonus travel agent/tour guide when he married me, LOL!