Disney World Employment then and now

I am a retiree that always dreamed of working for WDW. I have heard all types of stories, good and not so good. Read a book once on it by a WDW AK photographer that really opened my eyes, but that experience was from long ago. Now when I am on property I like to talk to retirees that are currently working in the parks to get their opinions on the matter. I have never heard a negative thing about their experience and I kind of question that. I believe many liners out here may have the same questions on this subject as I. Therefore I put forward this post. If you worked for or know someone who has or still does work as a CM, I am sure you could add some interesting thing to this post. Thanks

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I have a friend who works part time job at AK. I saw him on Sunday. I take Pennsylvania pretzels for him. We both worked together for a bank. He and his wife now live in Florida.

I want to make clear something I should have in the original post. I am not looking for negative things about working at WDW. Rather only how it truly is working there. I have had an interest in becoming a CM for quite some time and I am sure there are other out here that have an interest as well. This is why I posted this topic.


I’m interested too. Hopefully you get someone with experience to post?

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I never heard anything negative from my friend. They gave him different duties when he had a shoulder injury. He was at a cart before security on this trip.