Disney World & Disneyland in same trip

Has anyone every done both Disney World and Disneyland in the same trip? If you have, how was it? Never been to Disneyland and we are thinking of going there for part of our Honeymoon but not sure of the whole logistics of everything. If you have, how many days would you suggest? We are going from 12/21 to 12/3 1 but might even extend to 1/1. We live in Kansas. Just looking for thoughts, ideas, how long for each leg of the journy. Things like that.

I would think Disneyland, Aulaini and Tokyo Disney would be a good cluster. A stop at each to adjust to the time change.

You can get Disneyland done in 2 days, one day at each park. Disney World needs at least 4-5 IMO.

@gabmom, We are trying to keep it in the United States. We had also considered doing a cruise but they didn’t really work out with the travel dates. But we would love to be able to travle to all the Disney Parks. It would be an incredible trip if we could do all the Disney Parks on one vacation, a nice and long vacation too.

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I am flying on a Friday to California from the East Coast. We will explore DTD that day. We will probably be up at 4 am to drive to the airport. We have a direct flight and after retrieving our luggage. I will get to the hotel no earlier than 2 pm. Our bodies will tell us it is 5 pm.

We don’t fly home until Monday and can stay in the parks until 5 or 6 pm. Our flight leaves 11:30 pm and arrives on the east coast around 7:30 am.

Since you are in Kansas, do Florida first, that way you will have no problem doing rope drop on the West Coast.

If you have the money for it, sure it can be done. You can “do” DLR in 2 days, but 3-4 would be much better for a first time trip. You can “do” WDW in 4 days, but 5-6 would be better.

But here’s the problem. You’re planning for the week between Christmas and New Years and both of the resorts will be so crowded that what you will be able to get done will be limited. I would never even consider going to either resort during that time, let alone try to do both. Any other time of the year I’d say “go for it”, but on that week, I recommend choosing one or the other and give yourselves time to have a little bit of “honeymoon” time and not spend the whole thing mired in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds standing in line.


@bswan26 Thank you. We are just looking at the options. As of right now, it is all at WDW, 12/21 -12/31/17 and we plan on taking it easy, enjoying ourselves again and eating, plus she wants to do a few tours at WDW. Our last trip, 12.17 -12/27/16, gave us some taste of the Christmas week. Due to the differences in our jobs, she is a teacher and I work road construction, the December break is the best time for our honeymoon, also the most expensive time too. You read our last trip report and I think you noticed we did take time in what we did. Since this will be her 2nd vacation at WDW, she knows things she doesn’t want to do again, so those are crossed our lists of things to do. We also will not be doing rope drops everyday or on the mornings after we had a later night out.
If you have been on any of the tours, would love to hear your thoughts?
I want to thank you again for you advice. You really helped us on our dining for the last trip.

If you want to do it just to say you did, I guess it’s possible, but boy, I couldn’t imagine it personally! I think you would get so burned out, it would be hard to enjoy yourself, but maybe it’s just me.

We did Disneyland last year, first time ever for her, and first time since 1981 for me. We spent almost 4 days there, really savoring it, but by the time we were done, we were done and ready to go home.

One year later, and we are now getting ready for our first trip ever to DW and getting excited, but I think I would be less excited if so much time hadn’t passed.

I did the Wild Africa Trek at AK and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done at WDW - as long as you love animals and enjoy a bit of a hike.

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